Why the Angels Smile

The Star Blessing

This is the information age, the age when news travels at the speed of light. We have little time to reflect on how to understand, utilize and gain the wisdom of this information, most times we even forget to reflect on what it all means. We can react with an opinion but that is not the same. When we dive deeper into the meanings of the trends that circulate with the news cycle we may find the patterning of human consciousness emerging in all it’s evolutionary glory.

Accumulating information is not the same as finding wisdom. When we seek the wisdom of any situation whether it be tragic of joyful, we find the peace in our hearts to carry forward our true essence and embrace the gift that is life.

With our personal experience infused with reflection, we can see the hand of Divinity running through creating a power circuit of higher consciousness guiding our lives. The entire workings of the universe are at play in the most minute event as it comes into our awareness. Yet we can miss it! It can pass us by leaving us with no substance of understanding and the wisdom of the moment is lost. This is why repetitive patterns in our lives emerge. When problems and events repeat themselves we are asked to pay attention and understand the wisdom of the situation before we can change, evolve and move forward to a future elevated by it.

There is a simple way to understand why you are experiencing the same difficulty over and over: Ask to see the wisdom of the situation, release all expectation, and allow a new insight to come to you. There are times when this is difficult to do on ones own. At those times talking with a friend, counselor, or even journaling will bring you the insight needed. When you have the understanding and can embrace the wisdom of the situation, you feel relieved and may find peace within.

This practice takes great effort, energy, persistence and fortitude to master. As we work towards mastery of this process we may seek peace by consulting the teachings of the masters, ancient writings, and spiritual gurus. Yet there is even a more efficient and powerful way to find wisdom that we often ignore or disregard. That is the teachings of the Masters in Spirit. Our own Spirit Guides, Angels and Star Beings can help us navigate any and all events and help us find our way to peace.

In most cases people get guidance from Spirit on an unconscious level. They do not allow the communication with Divinity to be part of their belief system, therefore all of the spiritual connection must operate without their knowing. Some who seek spiritual answers but are not yet ready to embrace their own ability to speak with Spirit may find answers in meditation, dreams or through their intuition. (Intuition can sometimes be identified as instinct, but they are not the same thing.) Inspirations and insights come at a time when the energy field is open to receive and awaken to new possibilities. Many an “ah-ha” moment is the spiritual wisdom of the heavenly guides coming through at last!

The most powerful and simple way to understand and find peace in your world is through your direct connection with Spirit and the beings who rule the heavenly realms. You need not live a life in confusion and darkness if you choose. You may open to the birth right that is allowed every being on Earth. The infinite wisdom of all the ages is there for you, and your connection to it is an absolute Truth. You need only allow yourself the access. It may take some practice and time but all of us can be in the presence of Divinity and access all the knowledge, wisdom and guidance of Heaven and Earth.

The Angels see the wisdom behind the pain, suffering and sorrow. Having this wisdom and sharing it with us is their role as divine beings. They are messengers, we need only awaken to their messages. Spirit Guides can take us beyond our unresolved wounds and lead us to happiness. This is their purpose, we need only allow them help us! Star Beings assist in human evolution and carry the vision of our potential, awakening us to visions of possibilities and understanding the advancement on multi-level consciousness. They are of service to us each step of the way.

To have access to any wisdom there is and all you wish to know – all you need is the willingness to be present, the belief that you are worthy, and the openness to allow it to occur.

There is a place of peace beyond human suffering that can be revealed to us. This knowledge is the wisdom that makes all of heaven smile upon us with the healing radiance of perfect love. When we access this knowledge, even if only for a moment, we shall smile too.

~ White Eagle & Janet Blessings

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