When We Journey


Let us go to other realms let us see what we cannot see when we wake. Take a flight on the wings of the angels and go to worlds beyond this world go where time evaporates and love is the only reality.

When we journey we take the hand of our guide and fly through the dimensions. We may visit the realms of the Star Nations, we may visit the angelic realm, we may go deep into the ancient past to find ourselves.

When we leave our bodies to journey with our guides gliding through the ethers we are transformed. In this place we can heal and experience what cannot be healed or experienced in body. Without the limitations of the physical world the possibilities are limitless.

Journey is the tool of the spiritual seeker to raise consciousness and awareness about the Truth of reality. Join us for soul awakening journeys with my Guide White Eagle and be transformed. https://lightstoneacademy.com/white-eagle-journeys/

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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