Serentiy on the Wings of Grace

The energy is running so high to day, with my heart beating and my mind racing like I’ve had 10 cups of coffee. What is going on? My life is just as it was yesterday, and the day before. What am I feeling?

I have to slow down and breathe to get the answer. “The shifting, shifting, shifting of energy, like waves and wind, creating chaos. A new energy has emerged into the Earth. This new energy is creating havoc like a boulder thrown into a still pond. Throughout this time, be still and ride the wave of change.”

I ask my guide to help me be still and then I feel the wave of gentle calm fill my being. I feel a settling and serenity and I feel more myself. I become the center of peace in the wind of change.

White Eagle has been my teacher all my life, yet I did not know him all my life. But in distress, pain, and suffering I have always been guided through it with his wisdom and love, consciously or unconsciously. Whenever I have asked for help he has always been there.

That is why I pray to share his gifts with all who wish to receive. To get his guidance in times of distress has helped me beyond measure, and for those who have experienced his energy, his wisdom and his healing I know the same is true.

This Monday we begin a new 4 week series with White Eagle channeling his guidance. “Sacred Secrets” is all about sharing what has been hidden from human consciousness for eons but is now ready to be revealed. This series of talks is a personal experience in a small group. We start with a sharing of wisdom about the mysteries and what is currently being revealed. Then we have a question and answer period for him to help on a personal level. Those who have participated previously feel changes occurring in their lives on the wings of grace. It is magical and miraculous.

He tells me what he and Spirit do is not magic, to them it is technology and science. Spirit’s miracles seem like magic to us. To suddenly feel calm in the midst of anxiety, to experience love in the midst of suffering, to see the future and know all is well, I have these experiences so easily with his guidance. It is still hard to believe that these things are true, yet with Spirit, all these things are as simple to them as dialing the phone is to us.

White Eagle and I invite you to join us for “Sacred Secrets” starting on Monday, to see these miracles for yourself; to be on the path of serenity as chaos rages. We can only be of help to those in distress when we are clear and calm.

RSVP by:

Sunday – Sign up by Sunday HERE (quick link sign up – there is room for 8 of us)


Monday the 11th at 6:30pm-7:30pm Pacific Time and the following 3 Mondays, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2. Get more information here:


Via conference call. The number to be sent via email out the day of the class and the recordings sent out the day after the live class.

Please contact me with any questions and share this information with others who may benefit.

May you be well and safe during this wild energy.

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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