What are Spirit Guides, What Do Spirit Guides Do and Where are They?

We come into this world with helpers from before we take our first breath until we take our last breath we have Spirit Guides to assist us in every way they can. They are angels, ascended masters, messengers, ancestors, and star beings. Most of us have many guides and many types of guides. Some guides are with us our whole lives and some come into our lives and leave our lives as our life path changes.

Spirit Guides do not exist in this reality, they exist in another reality, dimension, or realm. They are not like ghosts that are living in the human world. Instead, they are in their realm offering guidance through a means of communication we don’t truly comprehend. They live outside this world and all its limitations. From their realms, they can access us any place and anytime in our existence to help. They live outside of time. They live outside of the limitations of space. Therefore they can be anywhere and everywhere at once. They are with us at all times.

They communicate with us through various means. Sometimes telepathically, sometimes through feelings (physical or emotional), sometimes through visions or images in our minds, sometimes through a voice or words in our heads; and sometimes through the physical world by conveying their message through songs on the radio, overheard conversations in public, animal appearances and so on.

It is very rare for Spirit Guides to show up in the physical world or that we hear them with our physical ear. When they do it is similar to a hologram, like projecting their image into this reality. This is a very rare event and most people never experience this, because the guides must follow the sacred laws. One of which is to never cause fear and other is to not interfere with your life.

Not causing fear means they must always be mindful to keep their presence within the boundaries of what you can accept. Therefore they are respectful and gentle and their presence is known to you by means of subtle communications, hints, nudges, and signs. A big part of what you experience with your guides is up to how open you are to their help.

Not interfering means that the guides cannot help you without your request. You must ask for help in order to get help. They cannot magically make your life better unless you ask and are willing and open to this occurring. Our doubts and fears keep us from being fully open to their assistance. Our guides can make our lives so much easier if we ask them for help. From finding a parking space to landing that great job our guides can help us in big and small ways if we are to ask. We do not need to be a great channel in order to get help from our guides, they will help us whether we can hear them or see them or not.

There is also no bargaining energy with your guides. You do not need to be good, or make a deal, or do anything that you think will please them in order for them to help you. You just need to be willing to receive the help. The energy of treating your guides with respect, reverence and gratitude will go a long way to open you up to get more from them, yet, it is not for their sake that this helps but for yours. Your guides will never punish you or stop helping you for any reason ever.

There are times when we feel the guides are not around us or not communicating with us. These can be times when they are allowing us to go through changes or transitions and making choices on our own. But they are always available to help us even when they feel far away.

Guides are here to help us through their wisdom, their specialties, and experience. Some people have healer guides, some people have artist guides, some people have teacher guides, and so on. Yet all guides have access to all the mysteries of the universe! And so do we! The limitation we have for understanding all the mysteries of the universe is our own curiosity (or lack of curiosity).

When we dedicate ourselves to the practice of communicating with the guides we get more: more help, more guidance, more love, more insight, more from them and more from life.

I am very happy to assist anyone in strengthening their connection to Spirit. It is my calling and my joy to help others feel the power of the wisdom, love, healing, and connection that blesses those who open to Spirit.

Contact me for assistance or with your questions: Janet Blessings Lightstoneacademy@gmail.com 505-445-4440

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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