What Your Spirit Guides Want You To Know About Them


It’s kind of hard to imagine someone who is looking out for you 24/7. Always by your side, always there to help you in any way you wish. Your own fairy godmother, genie in a lamp, muse, guardian angel and confidential friend. Spirit Guides are all of those and more. They are in your life all the time with no other purpose, agenda, or intention but to help you along your way in life. They serve you all the time, whether you know it or not.

They guide us by offering insight, inspiration, wisdom, healing, and protection and ask for nothing in return. Many of us enter the spiritual path with the idea to be of service to Spirit, but the truth is Spirit is in service to us. They do not require that we do anything for them. What do they need? Nothing! They are in the heavenly realms and have instant manifestation and all their needs are taken care of always. They do not need us to even be good. They help us unconditionally. We need not act a certain way or behave in an enlightened manner, we do not need to be saints or prophets, we do not need to be anything than what we are to be blessed with their help. We do not need to be deserving of help, we do not need to be a better person, we do not need to have a higher vibration, we do not need to be sin free. Spirit will help anyone who is willing to receive help. Anyone at any time, for any reason. All we have to do is ask.

Yet, we struggle. We have found the magic lamp and have trouble with our wishes being granted. We are Cinderella weeping in rags by the fireside bereft of hope. Although the Guides help us all the time it may not feel like it. Although Spirit is here to grant our wishes we are still unable to figure out the magic words to coax the genie from the lamp. Although Spirit needs nothing from us to grant our wishes we need to do a great deal to receive them. We need to be open, receptive, allowing, and the hardest part is letting go of control and expectation. This requires that our ego take a back seat and to let Spirit drive the car. A very scary proposition for most of us.

The ego struggles to let go of the wheel, but when occasionally it releases it’s grip miracles happen. We are in the flow of Spirit’s guidance we are in trust, humility, gratitude and harmony with all of life. When ego is in control we are in doubt, fear, anxiety and conflict. What can help us to allow Spirit to be our guide through life? The answer is Spirit! When we open to their messages and begin to speak with them and can receive their communications they can help us get over the ego and create a life of harmony and joy.

If you could ask the genie what the magic words are then you are set!

There are many different ways Spirit speaks to us. Through signs, visions, dreams, intuition, and imagination. When I teach how to channel we are taking the direct approach. We are opening the connection to speak with them directly. This is a very powerful experience that effects great change in our lives. During the interaction with the guides most feel a great warmth, some feel tingling, some feel a powerful love, some get a healing. It is always a blessing and it is always a gift that will bring more gifts throughout your life.

I hope you will join us by beginning the New Year with Spirit at the wheel gently guiding you to make your every wish come true!

Our online video course starts Thursday, January 4th at 6:30pm-8pm via Zoom. This is a video course, but you can also just use your phone. We will gather for 4 Thursdays to channel our guides and get their help in the most direct manner possible! Sign up here: https://lightstoneacademy.com/channeling-class/

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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