Traumatic Psychic Experiences in Childhood

And how to move beyond them to embrace the wonderful gifts of Spirit…


It is pretty common for people who had psychic abilities at a young age to be afraid of their gifts. Many who have encountered a ghost, spirit or alien have been very afraid and have shut the door on the connection to Spirit. We are taught, openly or unconsciously that these are scary things and we have no power over them and that if we are not careful we will be possessed or controlled by them.

I am going to tell you a simple yet powerful truth. You have all the power when it comes to the encounters you have with Spirit or any other-worldly entity. Why? Because your life is yours, your environment is under your domain. No one who is not of this world can have any power unless you give it to them. No spirit, entity, alien, or even God, can have power over you. They only are around you by your permission and belief. If you feel that they have a mysterious power that can control you, that is permission. When you own the power over your life, you may have some who test it, but all that is needed is to tell them to leave. It really is that simple. If you are afraid that they won’t leave when you tell them to, then you are still afraid they have more power than you. So I repeat YOU have the power.

I’m going to tell you another simple truth. Your Spirit Guides have to live by Sacred Law, in order to be of service to us. One of those Sacred Laws is that they cannot make us afraid. It is forbidden for our Guides, those in service of loving support for us at all times, to make us feel fear. This Sacred Law is the Law of Love. They come to us in love and teach us through love, not fear. So most guides are very quiet in the background to keep from causing fear. If your encounters with spirit cause you fear then it is not your Spirit Guide, it would be something else that is pretending to be your guide. Your guide will also, never tell you what to do – the Law of Acceptance – which means they cannot interfere with your life without your request. You must ask them for help, advice, and guidance for them to provide it. Your guides also do not judge you or make you feel bad about yourself for anything. They are complete and total unconditional love at all times, no matter what you do, think or feel. They love and support you at all times, in all ways and they can and will never promote, shame, fear or guilt. If any encounter you have ever had made you feel any of those things, it was not your guide.

You can ask your Spirit Guide for anything you need or want and they will help you within the parameters of your belief and the Sacred Laws. It is hard to get over a scary childhood encounter that left you feeling powerless and afraid of being psychic. So if you need help in feeling safe in building your psychic senses ask your guide to keep you protected at all times from any energy, entity, spirit or being that is not there to serve your highest good and support you in love. And ask that they help you at all times to feel safe and loved. This is a very powerful practice and will help you to build your trust in them and feel safe in growing your connection to them. Ask this anytime you feel doubtful, afraid or uneasy and watch how this shifts the energy around you and how much more secure you feel in working with them.

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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