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The Cosmic YES ~ from White Eagle


If we were to personify the universe, she would be a Fairy Godmother always granting wishes. Every wish, all the time. She has no judgment or fear of the consequences. She does not regulate what is wished for nor who is doing the wishing. If it is asked it is granted. The nature of the Universe is expansive and experiential. The Universe wants to have every experience it can ever have. The Universe has experiences through you, so everything to this Fairy Godmother sounds like an interesting experience, therefore, she is always game. Whether it is wealth or poverty, whether it is hardship or joy, whether it is tragedy or celebration, count her in.

There is an absence of the negative in the universe. This Fairy Godmother has no concept of the word ‘no’.  No does not exist in her realm. As they say, the Universe abhors a vacuum. This is mostly true, the Universe is a constant creative force, therefore, things that are counter to that force, like the word ‘no’, cannot exist in this expansive reality.

In Spirit, we too, behave as the Fairy Godmother behaves, we are all for any experience you desire. We will grant any wish, assist in any task, help you do or have anything you desire. We must follow the Law of Abundance and the creative force of the Cosmic YES to the letter. Unless you ask otherwise or in some way stop us from granting your wish.

Think of having all your wishes fulfilled instantly. Every word and thought instantly manifest into your reality. Who have you wished dead? Who have you wished harm to? Who has wished you dead? Who has wished you harm? If you grew up with a sibling, you can see how problematic this reality would be. If this reality of the Earthly realm allowed the Fairy Godmother to rule, we would have a wild and crazy life, and it may not last very long.

There are two forces that protect us from instant manifestation. One is the slow moving heavy energy of the physical world. It takes time for a flower to bloom, it takes time for a baby to gestate, it takes time for humans to create their reality. We in Spirit know that this time between asking and getting is a wonderful pause that allows for you to consider a different wish or redefine your desires. This time allows you to be clear in knowing what you want, why you want it and how it would look if you have it. If you wanted to build a house think of all the planning that goes in to it before the first nail is placed. Decisions on location, size, design, permits, purchases and so on all must be completed for the house to be built in this reality. During those planning stages, your mind may change several times and the house may look nothing like the original vision you had. Think of every wish you have as though you are building a house. Are you sure you want it in that neighborhood? Are you sure you like that style? Define your wish. If there is something you have been longing for, consider all the ways in which it would change your life and if you are truly wanting that change. The pause is the gift of time from your higherself and unconscious asking you “are you sure”? If it is a long time between wish and fulfillment there is a greater barrier to getting it than you are consciously aware, and much soul searching will be needed.

The second force which slows down manifestation is ego. If the world were dominated by Spirit and not ego, then the pause would be almost non-existent. The world consciousness is dominated by ego and ego dominates by fear. Since we have a dominance of fear on the planet the time delay in creating what we fear is great for our own self-preservation. This works to our favor in an upside-down kind of way. Fear is the ultimate power of manifestation dominating this world. Think of all the times your fears have come into your reality. We unconsciously manifest our fears all the time. The slowness of the manifestation of our reality works to our benefit so we don’t constantly manifest our fears. If you fear spiders, you have time to face and overcome your fear before a spider comes into your reality. If spiders are already invading your reality it is an opportunity to face your fear and go beyond it. When the spiders no longer are part of your world you have overcome your fear.  It when looking at it this way it helps you to understand the workings of consciousness and the power of manifestation through fear.

Fear and judgment are related, for what we judge we also fear. If we judge the poor as being less-than we are creating that reality for ourselves. We are creating poverty. Your judgment is creating your world, and the good news is you have lots of time to work through your judgment before it comes into reality. The process of manifestation through judgment goes like this – we may ask about the homeless man: “how did someone get like this?”.  The Universe will answer your question first by showing you a story of a homeless person. If, after getting that answer to your question, you still think “how could that happen?”, the Universe will answer the question again. Perhaps you will meet someone who was homeless and hear their story. If, after that, you still have no understanding or compassion you may think “Well! That could never happen to me!” or something of that nature. Then slowly over time you may lose your job, your home, your family and end up homeless. This happened not just with the words but also because you first felt judgment so deep when you asked the question “how could that happen?”. The Universe answered several times and gave you many opportunities to have understanding and open the gateway to compassion until the only answer it could provide was to give you the experience itself.

Compassion and acceptance keep us from creating a reality through judgment and fear, which in turn opens the gateway to manifest joyful blessings in abundance.

We shall speak more on this during class.

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