Beyond Belief

(This writing is part of a series of talks on the Law of Reflection given by Master White Eagle, Spirit Guide, as channeled through Janet Blessings. LIVE discussion starts Thursday, March 22, see link HERE.)

The Law of Reflection


Beyond Belief




      The Law of Reflection states that everything we think or do comes back to us, it is reflected in our world our experiences and our relationships. Think of the universe as a mirror. We use a mirror to see ourselves. All of our experiences, creations, thoughts, and feelings are an expression of ourselves and show us who we are. And we are part of the wonderful expression of the Divine in its quest to know itself. The Divine wants to see itself, to know itself, to understand itself. Therefore, Divinity split apart and became everything. It became the sound of rain in a puddle, it became a seashell, it became a cool breeze, it became galaxies and planets, and it became you. The Law of Reflection allows you to see yourself. It is a wonderful gift to know oneself. As you learn about you, Divinity sees itself. This concept can be a hall of mirrors if we continue along this path because, as you are getting to know yourself through the Law of Reflection, so are all the others around you, who are also a reflection of yourself and you are a reflection of them, and you are a reflection of Divinity and Divinity is a reflection of you. This concept can make us a bit dizzy and in order to keep our lives in a reality of our choosing, we have belief.

Belief is what we construct our world on. What we believe is what is possible for us. What we believe we see. In truth the term “seeing is believing” is upside down. We only see what we can believe. Which means that we cannot see what we cannot believe. True die-hard atheists will never have a spiritual awakening because their belief will not allow for Spirit to work in their lives. Even if a miracle occurs they will not acknowledge it as such. It can be explained away in order for the experience to comply to their belief. This is why there are multiple explanations for every single occurrence in life. Each explanation is an example of the belief system created by the believer. On the flip side If you believe demons can influence you, your experiences will reflect that belief. If you believe someone in your life is bad, a co-worker, a friend or a family member, all that they do is viewed through this lens of belief. What if you turned that around and changed your belief? What if you agreed to believe they were good? How does this challenge you? How does this make you feel about yourself and can you change that belief? If it is not possible for you to believe someone who is stealing from your workplace is good, then how does that belief become a reflection of you? How has the construction of that belief made your reality true?

What we know to be true in our lives is validated by our experiences. Our experiences are a reflection of who we think we are and our belief systems. If we think we are all powerful, then our experiences will reflect that. If we think we are unworthy our experiences will reflect that. This seems quite simplistic, yet it holds a great deal of nuance and is quite complex when applied to an understanding of the levels of consciousness, the ego, the spirit and the physical world.

Working with the Law of Reflection asks us to be observant of our beliefs and asks us to suspend them, so we can go beyond belief. Going beyond belief is a powerful tool to expand consciousness, dive deep into self-awareness and bring about miraculous changes in your life. It takes a great deal of mastery to challenge your beliefs, for most of us cling to them as a life-preserver in a violent ocean storm. Yet we say let go of belief and float on the current, struggling to hang on to something that is not assisting you, is a great deal of wasted energy.

Belief gives your reality structure, yet this structure, for the person wishing to expand consciousness and understand how to work with Spirit, can be confining and limiting. You cannot understand Spirit by clinging to belief and make any progress. You will bob in the midst of the storm clinging to that life-preserver and kicking your feet only to stay in the same spot and perishing in the storm. Whereas if you let go to float on the current, it can take you out of the storm to calm waters and you may even find a land where all your needs are met, joy is abundant, and love is in all things.

Belief has deep roots in our consciousness on a personal level and deep roots in our collective consciousness. This journey going beyond belief is not an easy one. One reason is because it challenges the ego, and as we know, when the ego is challenged it fights back. It will not let go of the life-preserver without a very big fight. Therefore, we must demonstrate to the ego how belief is holding it back and negotiate our way into letting go. We will not let go of belief in a way that will remove all structure from our lives, we are only changing it from being solid to transparent, so we may easily see through our belief and go into the heart of the Truth. Once we see the Truth we find peace and can allow Spirit to show us a new potential reality.

Let us ease our way into discovering some of your beliefs that have created a reality that no longer serves you and even confines your existence. Think about your job or the profession you would like to have. Then think about all the people you know of or have heard of who have succeeded or failed at that profession. How have their examples influenced your belief about how you may succeed or fail at this job? What is the belief hidden behind that belief?

Let us think of examples in the Spiritual world. We often think of Spiritual people as impoverished like a monk who has taken a vow of poverty, but then we also see televangelist preachers as millionaires. How do both of those examples influence your view of spirituality without you even knowing it? Which do you judge as righteous and which do you judge as wrong? When we step onto the spiritual path we are choosing which example of spirituality we want to live on an unconscious level. For most of us, being a monk is not an option just as being a televangelist is not an option, but they influence the belief of what is the right approach and what is the wrong approach. Is the spiritual path affluent or is it impoverished? There is virtue to each path, no matter what our judgments may be. To distinguish and understand them helps us to find how our belief of the spiritual path will influence our abundance. The vow of poverty belief is a tradition of giving up worldly goods in the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment. “Worldly goods” in this case means all the things of ego. The monk must release these in order to free his egoic attachment to the material world. It is a good practice to find humility and peace, and it works some of the time. Sometimes the vow of poverty in itself can be a badge of honor for the ego and is not a true gesture of humility and service to Spirit. The millionaire preacher takes a different approach. He or she may say that God rewards through material gains, those who are devoted to Him. If we are right with God, then we get things. Sometimes this is true, but our being right with God is dependent on not following the demands of the ego, and the ego is very attached to the status of the material world. Those who find status by being rich are being driven by ego, not by Spirit. Being spiritual is following the guidance of spirit, following the heart, listening to intuition and being in humble gratitude for all you have and even grateful for that which you do not have.

Both examples of spirituality play their part in our unconscious belief of how we will be rewarded or not by following the spiritual path. Take some time to evaluate your belief and see how it helps or hinders your progress. If you are devoted to traveling through your life by following Spirit’s guidance and being of service to the highest good, then you must be aware that the things that feed the ego will not be supported by Spirit. Whether it is making a show of your poverty or making a show of your affluence, both are ego-bound. Spirit will never feed your vanity and gifts from Spirit are unconditional. When we manifest with Spirit it comes with true heartfelt gratitude, humility and only at your request. This is a Truth and not a belief. As we go beyond belief we find the truth.

If we can evaluate all of our beliefs as we have here with spirituality, then we can get to the truth and have access to the brilliance of the universe in a way that helps us to become Masters in our own right.

In order to comprehend the power of the Law of Reflection and even utilize it to expand your being, knowing the belief systems you hold and allowing for them to evolve and in some cases disintegrate will serve you very well.

The power of belief is used by the ego very effectively. This is how people with no spiritual awareness can manifest easily. They believe! And what they believe is real, either in their mind or in actuality. Belief is a very powerful tool. It is often used by the ego to stay in power. Belief is sometimes used as a synonym for faith, but it is quite the opposite. Faith allows belief controls. Those who are controlled by their beliefs are in an ego state. It is not religion, nor governments, nor economics that move people to violence and war, it is belief. Those who control what people believe control the world. This is why propaganda is a powerful tool for those in power, for advertisers and religions. Take one belief you have and ask yourself what would it be like if the opposite was true and observe how you feel, observe how your mind and body fight it. What if someone you believe is doing bad things is actually doing good things? If you can suspend belief long enough to consider this, then you may be able to see good things that came from the actions of the ‘bad’ person. Then you can see how your judgments based on your belief are misguided and you can release judgment and activate spiritual awareness. Practicing this with all your beliefs will help to release you from their power.

What we believe is not what is true. The Truth needs no belief, the Truth comes with a knowing that creates peace in the heart. We need not believe in the Truth, just like we need not believe in a tree, it just is. If you are fighting for the Truth put down your arms and be at peace. To seek the truth is to battle what you believe at every turn, and this takes strength of heart, courage and a great deal of faith.

Since the Law of Reflection shows us that the universe is a mirror and what is within our consciousness is being played out in our experiences, then being aware of our beliefs and mastering them, will allow us to live in the world we hope for and not the world created by the illusion of the ego.

There is much more to speak on to take us beyond belief and find the understanding to have mastery of the Law of Reflection. We will discuss more in our Law of Reflection class on Thursday.


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