A New Beginning

The world of Spirit is vastly different than the mundane world which is ruled by ego. When we agree to allow Spirit to guide our life and we begin to make choices through Spirit everything changes. All it takes is a simple request. Just asking Spirit to guide you is enough for change to take place.  I asked Spirit to guide me and all I do to serve my highest good and lead me on the path to my highest potential. I asked this many years ago, and I keep asking.

Before that prayer many years ago, my choices and my life were ruled by what my ego wants. My ego feared, and judged, and worried all the time. My ego fussed over everything and was deeply wounded and angry. My ego wanted money, status and fed my vanity. So, when I made my prayer in humility and gratitude for Spirit to guide me, it began to change everything. That prayer was an activator. My ego was not going away it was only going to the side to do what a healthy ego does, create identity to help me understand the difference between me and another which is needed to function on Earth.

All those years before I made that prayer I had an unhealthy ego. An unhealthy ego raises a person up with arrogance or diminishes a person with low self-esteem. When the ego rules it exercises its power over you by limiting your perception (judgment) holding on to the past (emotional wounds) and keeping you enthralled with illusion (us versus them). This can create great suffering and the ego loves suffering! The ego also loves to be in charge. Therefore, when I made that prayer many years ago I also started a great battle with ego. I had to face down every fear I had, I had to question every belief and perception I held, and I had to dig deep to find the trust and faith in Spirit. Trust and faith in Spirit is the last thing the ego wants, and it fought my trust and faith with many arguments, many tantrums, many reasons why I was delusional to trust in Spirit. Through that time my life became very difficult, I had cancer, my mother died, and I went through a divorce all at once. And I was only just beginning.

It has been almost 20 years since I made that prayer and every day is a reaffirmation of it. It is much easier now but still sometimes challenging to trust in Spirit and continue my path of faith. Yet faith is the only way miracles can come, and I love miracles.

I’m offering guidance in co-creation with my guide for those who have chosen the path of Spirit. Let us walk together. Join me on Patreon for my podcast and let’s make miracles!

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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