The Truth of You

The wisdom of Spirit has subtle sweetness as a quiet loving voice barely noticeable in the mind. It is easily ignored and brushed aside by the powerful demands of the ego or the negative programming of youth. Yet it is there, it is always there. The softness of the energy takes great sensitivity to be aware of, but most have found that quieting the mind in meditation allows this voice to be heard. Yet, it comes through not just meditation but when the mind is at rest, like doing the dishes, taking a shower, or driving a car. Insights can come through as the mind is relaxed and we have a moment of clarity about a problem or a question that has been troubling us.

Spirit makes itself known in quiet ways through our intuition and is available to everyone. Yet some of us want a more interactive and profound experience with this mysterious force. If we ask for Spirit to guide our lives and allow the voice to come through more clearly and powerfully things begin to change in unexpected ways.

In our youth, we develop our ego and in our young adulthood, we base many of our choices based on the desires of the ego for success, status and so on. We may choose our careers on what ego wants, as well as our spouse and our lifestyle. Then we begin to have an awakening, a change in perspective sometimes precipitated by an event that cannot be reasonably explained. We become curious and want to explore the power within and the power of Spirit. Once we see a miracle it is difficult to ignore it, so we start to explore what it is, what the unseen force of life is, where the wisdom comes from and how we can use that wisdom to guide our lives. We ask to know Spirit and ask Spirit to be the guiding force in our lives. Then things change.

Spirit does not have the same desires as the ego. Spirit has no regard for the opinion of others. Spirit cares not for status or recognition. All things that are built by the ego are dismantled by Spirit. To be guided by Spirit we must release attachment to all things of the ego, and the ego is very attached to many things. When we choose to follow the path of Spirit we leave behind all that we thought we were to find the truth of who we are. Following the path of Spirit requires a letting go of attachment sometimes this can be a dramatic and painful experience. If it is important to our ego to have the status of an important job, but the spirit wishes to express itself as a creative force the transition to that could be hard if you are conflicted about letting go the ego job. Sometimes this manifests as being fired, losing financial status or even broken relationships. It may even feel like you are being punished by Spirit, but it is a realignment with what is true. It is making way for you to find your power. It is opening the pathway to walking with the Light. It is only transitional and once the path of Spirit is your way, you shall co-create a new life following the wisdom of divinity, a new life-based in love instead of fear, a new life with the power of All That Is within you.

A whole and powerful you shall emerge with ecstatic joy.


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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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