Why Psychics Don’t Win The Lottery


Working with Spirit provides incredible information on everything! When we are aligned with our guides through the intention and integrity of upholding the sacred laws we are given wonderful gifts of wisdom and truth not accessible to most people. We can do miraculous things and get mindblowing insights. Yet the big question remains:

Why don’t they get the winning lottery numbers?

This question is on the minds of skeptics and psychics alike. I will do the short answer here but for a more thorough exploration of this question and on how psychic energy works go to my Patreon for the podcast: https://www.patreon.com/posts/why-psychics-win-20941065

For now, here is a (very short) list of reasons:

  1. The guides give us information to serve our highest good and the highest good of the client. You may believe it is in your highest good to have millions, yet, is it really? Even if your vision of being rich means that you can be the world’s greatest philanthropist and give to all the best causes, it may not be the best utilization of your talents, and what you give to the world as you work in life is of greater value than money.
  2. Spirit is unconcerned with money. That means that Spirit sees no benefit with having a great deal of money. If it does not benefit you in some way Spirit will not provide it.
  3. We only receive what will help us on our path of life. For most of us, our life is an adventure of exploration and unique experiences put forth by using ingenuity and their guidance. We may not be so motivated to live up to our potential if we don’t have money as a motivator.

Think of the ways in which money motivates your daily experience. Think of the good you do in your job and for the people you encounter daily. You may not know them if you had a great deal of money.

Money means security in an insecure world. We want money so we don’t worry about our survival. We want to win the lottery just to breathe a sigh of relief and release our survival fears. But money doesn’t really release our fears. We can only release our fears when we deal with them. Instead of thinking that the lottery might solve your problems, ask Spirit to help you feel secure and abundant every day!




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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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