Walking in Faith After Trauma

Walking in faith is the most difficult path of life but is even more so when the past haunts our every move. Our past is made up of events and images that create identity. It is constructed by the world around us. When we go within we discover a new being not confined by the past. This new being is as innocent as a newborn. When we connect with this inner being we begin the battle of understanding our essence in contrast with our ego. The ego is a fine vehicle for the development of consciousness and serves its purpose. When we release the past our purpose shifts to that of trust in self.

Alas, our past is a specter of great power and the battle continues. We do not remember past lifetimes, so we do not become enthralled by what was. With each new lifetime, we wash away memory and that is a great gift for each being. We need not remember, we need to go forward into the depths of the unknown and into the discovery of what gifts lie ahead. To consciously attune to the innocence within is a beginning of a great adventure. Not knowing what shall be and leaving it up to divinity is the perfection of existence that creates a lifetime of magic. Magic can rule us in a powerful way creating the miracles of living. Life is a precious thing. Being in the moment and allowing Spirit to care for the future is the greatest gift you can give yourself. We can view life in a different way when we see ourselves as an adventurer and discoverer on a wild ride into the deep abyss of power.

History is interesting, but it is just stories. Once a moment has passed it becomes a story. It is no longer a reality. And reality shifts depending upon perspective. What we cling to in the form of trauma is the idea of the history, but it may not be a reality of an event. We are clinging to the idea of a thing that may have happened, and this idea can cause great suffering when it is associated with pain. The past is an illusion, but the current state of suffering is real.

There are many tactics to overcome suffering from a trauma of the past. Predominantly understood to be the best solution is the concept of forgiveness but very few people can actually forgive their abuser or the cause of their trauma. Since this is the case many look to regression or talk therapy to come to a place of peace about it. Yet this can have mixed results, for some talking about a trauma allows the mind to become fixated on it and therefore creating an identity that depends on it, and the suffering becomes part of their very existence. Suffering can become necessary to living in these cases. To remove suffering from one who has incorporated it into their identity can be traumatizing. As therapies go most are unsuccessful in the healing of trauma. Even releasing the past and living in the now is a great challenge since traumatic memory is embedded in the cells of the body, therefore can be activated beyond the control of consciousness. The trauma must be released from our physical form as well as our emotional and mental states. Trauma is not held on the soul level, on the soul level all events are merely memory.

There are a great many people who suffer from trauma of the past, almost everyone on Earth! Spirit brings multitudes of ways to help release suffering that will empower the individual to live in the now. What is up to the person is choosing what they are willing and ready to part with. The cause of your suffering need not be known, the source of your pain need not be understood. Instead, simply asking through prayer, a plea, or humble request to Spirit for relief, is all that is needed to relieve you. Ask spirit, ask for the healing angels, ask for help from those on the other side who love and help you every day without your knowledge. Then let your suffering go. Spirit knows how to release it, when to release it, and what is the most beneficial and the least difficult to be released and therefore, what can be healed right now. Spirit is at your service to heal all you have that causes your pain and suffering. Allow them to step in to help you in every way.

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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