Tarot for the Intuitive

Tarot is the language of the soul. Let me explain. Images have a powerful impact on a soul level, which is why advertisers love images. The soul speaks in images. The soul understands and interprets images and responds even when the mind doesn’t understand. We think of the messages from the soul as intuition. Even if we are not good at understanding images on a mental level we can get messages through the intuitive levels of feeling and knowing what they mean. The soul understands images then translates them to what you understand, as a gut level feeling, an inspired thought or a calm knowing you get an answer when you tune into your intuition as you read the cards.

Tarot is a complex system of images. Images made on purpose to speak to the soul. They involve arcane imagery from ancient wisdom. Every color, every symbol and every placement of every object in the image are carefully crafted to speak to activate the ancient understanding of the soul. The tarot is so complex that experts in tarot can spend years understanding the arcane codes within it. It uses astrology, numerology, biblical symbols and color codes used by mystics. This is not an easy discipline.

Yet, when we use tarot we are asking the soul to speak to us. Turning a card over and gazing at the image is a powerful experience if we can allow the soul to use what we call intuition to bring it forward. Tarot is complex, but it is also dynamic, changing and alive. The meaning of the card you pull for an answer to your question will change with each use. Allowing tarot to activate your intuition takes the mental process out of it. To receive what it is telling you is a skill that requires much attention to your psychic senses. It is thrilling to have that amazing moment of clarity when we get the message and know beyond a doubt that tarot is speaking to you.

We begin a group on Wednesday (Sept 5, 2018) to bring this skill forward. I hope you will join us. Sign up today! This will be a LIVE video course that will occur the next 4 Wednesdays at 6:30pm Pacific Time.  More here: https://lightstoneacademy.com/intuitive-tarot/

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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