A Journey to the Sun

This journey is written by my guide in answer to a question I asked of him – if one could read an astral journey meditation without going into meditation and get the same benefit. Below is his response. He has written several since then, but I offer this first one to you. I did record an audio version of this meditation for those who would get more out of it that way. The audio is added below the text.

If you enjoy his style of teaching then I encourage you to take his upcoming class or message me for more channeled offerings from him.



A Journey to the Sun

to the sun

Imagine small pond, a tiny place of life, where we see a child who may find the delights of discovery. She peers into the depths seeking what is hidden, and perhaps what has never been seen before. There is an excitement about discovering some strange new being. Her attentive eyes look through the reflection of the water into the depths enthralled with anticipation. As a child she has no need to fear what is hidden, she only has delight at the idea of a new discovery.

Shall we all be like this child and look beyond our reflection into the depths of our own consciousness with the delight of anticipated discovery? For what is hidden may bring you joy. Let us now, together, make a discovery.

I, White Eagle, am beside you as always. Picture me standing with you as the place you are in shifts and fades growing darker. Take my hand and we ascend this world, gently floating into the sky. Below the Earth gets smaller and we are suspended in the atmosphere.  We can see the moon so small next to her and we see the sun a long way off. Let us make our way to the brilliant life force of our solar system and get closer and closer to the sun. Our physical bodies are left behind allowing us to explore this beautiful star without harm. Picture her close before us a dancing and alive flaming orb. She shall be our portal to other worlds, a dimensional gateway to all that is. Now we dive into our fiery star. We accelerate our speed and colors flash around us until we reach the core of white light in the center of source. Now we travel through the light to reach the next realm and find ourselves in the dark expanse of a new universe. We stand among the cosmos and the stars. This universe feels fresh and new. The lights of the stars are bright and vibrant. They feel closer than they are. The galaxies beyond hold the promise of worlds unknown, new life forms and beings who may show us the way. The mysteries of the universe surround us, yet the greatest mystery is what is hidden within.

Travel with me and we fly to a distant galaxy. We go closer to a brilliant swirl of light in the black void. The dazzling colors of shining light mesmerize us, and we seek to discover more. Closer now, we see a small solar system of just a few planets surrounding a small star. There is a place here I wish you to see and explore. It is a green and blue planet of water. We fly to it and hover above the water’s surface, taking in the atmosphere, the feeling and energy of the planet. How does it feel to be here? Take a moment to tune into her, close your eyes and feel what she is like.

The water and wind are settled, but we can see storm clouds in the distance. Below us we see the reflection of the sun on the quiet surface. Look beyond the reflected light of the surface into the depths of the waters. Can you see what lies below? There is life there, there are continents submerged with mountains and valleys, rocky terrains newly formed by underwater volcanos. There are plants a big as trees and marine life like you have never seen before. Wild and exotic with fantastic colors and shapes. Let us take a closer look.

Before we submerge I shall give you a gift. In my hand is a glowing orb of light. Watch as it grows bigger expanding into an enormous bubble, so you may step into it. This light shall illuminate the deep and keep you safe. Step into the bubble of light and we may go down into the depths of this place. Let us go for a swim.

We go into the water, it is the sweetest most playful feeling. Here the bottom is not very deep, and the life holds a feeling of joy. We see the small strange fish who enjoy the warmth of the sun through the water’s surface. It is the nursery of life here, as though the newly born have come to play. There is a great deal of plant life with strange flowers moving in the currents and even some type of aquatic insects. It is fascinating to watch the interplay of life here, so simple and quiet, yet free and expressive, like a dance to silent music. We can feel there is no lack, nor want nor desire. There is abundant light and food so that the hours of the days in this place may be enjoyed and experienced simply.

As we swim from here we see we were on the top of a mountain peak. We follow the slope downward and find a new plateau as the light of above fades. The life here is larger and scarcer, yet still beautiful. There are rock formations of all colors and shapes which become hiding places for colorful crustaceans and fish. The predators are here looking for something wiggly and tasty, but when not hunting they seem placid and wise. We can tune into their energy and feel a sense of peace. This is the peace that comes with knowing who you are and having dominion over all you see. They have no conflict over their existence, nor do they have conflict over the existence of the others.  The peace and wise power of the predators bring a sense of harmony here.

Now it is time to go deeper following the slope we see a trench cut into the sea floor. It looks like a black scar. Let us explore there. We must go miles and miles and we are awed by the pure enormity of it. We see by the light of your bubble strange and mysterious life passing us by as we descend. Some frightening, some intriguing. The deeper we go the darker and stranger it is. Now we come to the deepest part of the sea. The chasm widens and narrows as we follow it along to an opening in the depth. Where we see, quietly resting, a guardian of the sea. Monstrous in size and fearsome in appearance, long and serpent-like but fish-like too. Its lair seems cut out to fit him. Surrounding us are the walls of the trench and this is as far down as we can go.

A gap in the trench wall promises a cavern, we must bypass the monster to get to it. Take my hand and we shall easily pass by unnoticed. We sneak by the slumbering beast and squeeze through the opening. It is a rough passage, narrow and dark. Then it begins to widen and transforms into a cave. The cave opens to a huge expanse like a cathedral of stone.  Up ahead there is an enormous rock formation. Towering rough and jagged pillars call to us. As we approach, the light you radiate shows sparkling crystals between the rugged stone.  Going forward still, we see more and more crystals until we are surrounded by them. Crystal points jettison out many feet high. The light you radiate plays on them like a song of rainbows filling the space with light. Here we have found the soul of this planet. Consciousness embodied in crystal.

You sense a high frequency just faint of hearing. Let us commune with these beings and know what they know. Sit still and quiet as these towering beings infuse you.


You now feel oneness with the crystals. The feeling of a pink wave flows through you, then a blue wave, then a golden wave, then you are floating at the height of being elevated on the waves of color. You know color without sight. Color carries a pitch of frequency unique to the shade of light. Simply by awakening to the vibration of that frequency and the frequencies of all colors you can paint a picture with perfection.  Sound too, becomes a knowing instead of a hearing. Aware of sound waves around you, you can feel the ripple of life throughout the whole planet. The planet tells you every movement and change in the patterns of life. The power and love you feel through this connection is exhilarating. In this heightened state of being you know everything, every tiny being’s experience, every motion on the surface and every wonder of the deep. The planet’s life is witnessed and recorded by you. You can feel without emotion; you can know without thought. Love in its purest form is embodied by you.

Be in the hum of enlightenment and know the essence of your soul. Like these crystals, you too know everything that is happening around you. Every shift and change in the energy waves of life is accessible to you. All the happenings and even the hidden things – all the secrets and all the truths. You know who you are and everything you have ever been from before your birth to what shall become of you after this life and everything in between. You know the power of each experience without judgement or fear. It is all in the crystal cave that is your soul.  We must go deep to find it, we must be brave to bypass the strangeness lurking in the dark as we travel to the abyss of the unconscious and face the fearsome beast guarding our treasure. The beast shall not keep us at bay – we shall have the treasures of our wisdom revealed to us.

Now is the time for our ascent. Take deep breaths of gratitude as we leave our crystal friends behind. Know we can return to this place of bliss at any time we choose. We see a stream of bubbles coming through the ocean floor and can follow it up to the water’s surface. Allow yourself to float upon the bubbles in the warmth of the planet’s exhale all the way into the sunlight.

We emerge onto the surface and hover for a moment above the water as the sunlight dances in joy on waves of celebration for our discovery. Take my hand as we fly back through the cosmos. Away from our planet of water we accelerate into the solar system. Now the stars grow distant as they wish us farewell. We soar through the galaxy and beyond. Now in deep space, there is a bright orb of light beckoning us to enter. We fly though the intense bright and through a rush of color to emerge on the other side of our very own sun. We feel the familiarity of this place and our solar system welcomes us back. We float along as we are called by the attraction to our home planet until our Earth is in view. Let us pause here gaze at our home in all her beauty. Let us take in the love she has for us and feel the power of the love we have for her. For your life with her is a love story.

Now we continue our descent and float to your home and to your body and you are fully back in complete peace. You feel the physical world of your reality with a new wonderment and appreciation. Take some time to tune into your surroundings, take a deep breath and exhale completely. Notice the sensation of being in your body. Notice the placement of your feet. Notice your feet and how they are in the moment and then place them flat on the ground. Take another deep breath and slowly exhale. Now visualize your feet sinking into the Earth going deep into rich soil. Experience the soil as it nourishes and infuses your feet with the love of Mother Earth. Now pay attention as that nourishment flows up throughout your body. Take another deep breath in and exhale. Circulate the joy of this love through your breathing in and out your nose until you feel complete.

Allow some time for contemplation of these travels. Consider what you have seen of the power you hold and the bliss of who you truly are. It is a gift of joy to be part of this miraculous love story of life on Earth.




Consciousness is an alive and dynamic entity which guides our thoughts, our actions and the state of our emotional wellbeing. The unconscious directs the thoughts, emotions and actions of what we do on the conscious level. When we dive deep into the unconscious we find the driving force for our lives. Yet this place is, for many, unexplored like the depths of the oceans. If we fear what may lie in the murky depths we are unable to reach the core of our soul and therefore the life we live is left unknowing of its own potential.

Exploring what you have hidden away over the years of your life can be a very frightening and painful endeavor, but you do not have to do this alone. You have access to Spirit to take you by the hand and keep you safe so that you may know and understand what keeps you at bay. In the safe space of meditations and journeys with your guides you can face and learn from your pains and fears, so they no longer have power over you. When the unconscious becomes conscious then we are truly free.

The monster of deep is guarding passage to the soul. This entity keeps us under control and will block the access to our soul if we allow it to do so. This time we gently passed unnoticed, but we will have to face this beast in the pages to come. This monster is the antagonist for many a myth, legend and story from the beginning of time. It is the beast we must slay to reach the princess, the dragon we must fight to free the village, and the dark force of evil in our nightmares. For it is our own self, our ego identity that wishes to maintain its dominance over our consciousness. The ego fears its own death more than physical death and will do all it can to keep us from accessing the power of Spirit.

With courage and help we can tame the beast and have the treasure. The hero is often guided by a divine force or given a magical weapon to fight its foe. This is the guidance of the soul. Our soul finds a way – the bubbles from the depths are messages to the conscious self, guiding us and awakening us. We need only be aware they are there and pay attention to those gentle whispers of insight, guidance and inspiration that will allow us to flow through life with ease and be empowered to make peace with our beast within. Your intuition is your magical sword.

It is a challenge to pay attention to the soft whisper bubbling up from the soul when we have been adapted to following the thunderous shouting of the ego. I suggest you listen to both and witness the conflict this creates within you. For now, it is enough to witness this dynamic as you go about your life. Watch for when, where, how the soft voice comes to you and watch how the ego responds and what maneuvers, manipulations and arguments it uses to keep you from listening to your soul. This is a very clever beast and will do its utmost to keep you from trusting yourself and it especially does not want you to use that sword of intuition.

We on the spiritual path must be awakened to our soul’s guidance and the guidance of Spirit if we are to be successful in accessing our immense potential. The first step is awakening to yourself, your conflicts within, your inner beast and your inner divinity. I am by your side through every challenge. Take my hand and walk with me. This is a miraculous journey of epic proportion and you need not take it alone.


A Journey to the Sun Audio version

A Journey to the Sun Audio version  – 



A Journey to the Sun PDF version –  White Eagle Healing Journey 1


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