What It Takes to Be Guided by Spirit

I remember being told all my life that we have angels guiding and protecting us. I always wondered about this – I wondered how I could communicate with them, how I could see them, if I could know their names and if it were even true. I also wondered about what God was, how God works in our lives and if there is fate or destiny or really a greater force making it all happen.
After I had my son, I decided it was time to find out and over the years my curiosity led me to a greater understanding, awareness, and connection to the mysteries that work to support our lives every day.

This curiosity has given me an amazing life over the past 20 years. Amazing. It has not been joyful and easy, but it has been amazing. My psychic senses are alive and awake, my understanding about the integrity of using this power is deep and integrated and my connection to Spirit is profound, experiential and dynamic.

I say this not to brag but to inspire and encourage you. I was an ordinary person with an ordinary life. Very ordinary. The only thing different about me was my determination to satisfy my curiosity. I followed my curiosity with an appetite for wisdom. I read everything about Spiritual growth and self-help. I tried many different techniques to awaken my psychic senses and see what is unseen. I worked very hard to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ my Spirit Guides. It took years before I felt I got anywhere. It took years of learning many things, practicing many different ways of living and trying all kinds of practices to make it happen. I became exhausted by it. I realized there had to be an easier way. A more direct way to get the wisdom insight and guidance that I inherently knew was available to everyone on Earth. I wanted to talk to Spirit myself. I wanted to know my Spirit Guide, know his name, and have conversations with him. I wanted to channel and get answers straight from the source.

I learned to channel. I eventually realized how much I had been channeling all along (just as most people), but that is another story. Once I learned to channel it became just the beginning of my Spiritual path. I had to navigate all the crazy tricks the ego plays to keep me separate from Spirit. All the fears and doubts I had to deal with until I could have moments of absolute faith and trust to experience the miraculous moments that make my life amazing. It is the moments of faith and trust that make the miraculous possible.

That pesky ego, though. The ego hates to let go of control and does not want to participate in any experience of oneness. The ego likes to be separate from all others and does so by either elevating itself (being egotistical) or diminishing itself (having low self-esteem) and by using judgment, fear, and doubt to keep our intuition, our Spiritual connection and access to our own inner wisdom at bay. Learning the many ways in which the ego keeps dominance in our lives was more complicated than learning how to access divine wisdom. But, since I did have access to divine wisdom, I was able to navigate the path with much more ease than if I had not known how to connect with Spirit. And, just as I was determined to get access to the answers of the mysteries, so I was determined to understand what stops me and how to overcome it. Now I am equally determined to help others through it as well.

It takes curiosity first to lead the way. You must have a lot of questions in order to get a lot of answers. It is impossible to get answers if you don’t have questions. I know many who have connected with their guides but have nothing to ask them. They have access to all the wisdom of all the ages yet have not a single thing to ask. If you are not curious the Spiritual path may not be for you.

Then comes trust. You must know how and when to trust yourself and to learn the dynamics between ego and Spirit in order to feel secure enough to trust. Trust takes practice and trial and error. Trust is a slow process over time and your guides are willing to help you every step of the way. Just like a kindly friend helping a blind person to not stumble. The friend will do all it takes to help you step by step, but if you do not trust your friend it will be a very long and difficult process. The more you can trust yourself and Spirit the easier the path is.

The last and most profound piece to following the path of Spirit is faith. Faith is not belief, but faith is knowing that Spirit has got you. Belief is a construct of the ego; faith is a profound trust in Spirit and is the only way to manifest with Spirit. Spirit cannot help you if you do not know with all your heart that they can. Faith usually activates when all we have left is a prayer and we realize we have no control over a situation. If we are truly in faith all we ask for will come without any effort on our part. Your ego will argue with that statement and give all the reasons and examples of how that is not true, but I have many personal experiences to the contrary.

Curiosity, trust, and faith are all that is needed to be guided by Spirit and to have a life with miracles blessing your path. It is not easy, but it is amazing – and you can do it even if you are ordinary, like me.

For more information about walking the spiritual path and growing in your connection with Spirit contact Janet Blessings at 619-866-4405 or email lightstoneacademy@gmail.com

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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