Be The Light

Photo by Janet Kadow

I do not care if you believe a cabal of evil scientists funded by the Illuminati created this virus to take out your Auntie GinGin once and for all. We, as spiritual people, are being called upon to hold the light. Holding the light is what eliminates the dark. It isn’t fancy, it isn’t rocket science.

We need do nothing but be the light. When we turn on a light in a dark room the dark disappears. That is as much ‘fighting’ we need do.

Shine the light and all is revealed, healed and understood.

The light will always win over the dark.

Shining the light means helping others compassionately and respectfully.

It means being of service with your whole heart.

It means using your voice in the frequency of love to reverberate a soundwave that will never die.

It means being kind to one another.

It means being patient and creating small spaces of peace.

Being the light is being the midwife for Truth, Love, and Healing.

Being the light is not spreading conspiracy theories or pointing fingers, being the light need never seek revenge but trusts the universe shall always seek balance in every action.

We will always have moments of darkness to blame the “other”, yet when we strive to be the light those moments will be brief, and we will again rise to the extraordinary gift of the light.

May we all be the light and harmonize with the extraordinary frequency that created all that is: Love.

Sending love to all

– Janet Kadow

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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