Understanding Fear in the Collective Consciousness

With each crisis, we are awakening to evolve beyond our own limited beliefs and see into the beauty of the Truth.

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In truth, the world is not a scary place. The world is just the world. Neither evil nor paradise, it is only what it is to us by how we perceive it. As spiritual people, we have heard that we create our reality. We see the beauty or the terror of the world as our limiting beliefs allow us. For most of the people in the world we build our beliefs upon our culture, experience and what we are told is true by religion or family.

The spiritual seeker endeavors to find truth and wisdom beyond their limiting beliefs. They take the steps beyond the beliefs created by the outer world and seek wisdom by creating a connection and awareness to the inner world, or to the expansive consciousness of the heavenly realms, or both.

The spiritual seeker who can reach beyond the noise and confusion and illusion of human consciousness finds where Truth resides. Truth resides above the fray of opinion and belief. Truth resides in the heart of the universe. The heart of the universe that keeps expanding with the act of creation. The heart of the universe holds no fear or doubt but is ever present in the exquisite experience of being. The truth is never painful, the truth will never create fear, the truth will always be a blessing and potentially begin the journey of healing for those willing to embrace it.

Some of us were raised to fear the truth and have felt better for leaving well enough alone and not investigating what will reveal the truth. Again, I repeat, the truth is never painful — the truth may cause the shattering of a long-held illusion or belief and that shattering may be painful. We can feel disappointed and betrayed when something is revealed that goes against a long-held belief. Yet this is a normal and common experience of the spiritual seeker. Those who are dedicated to the path of Truth do not fear the shattering of illusion and the pain that it may bring. That is just the ego in pain! It is not a physical pain nor a soul-level pain; it is the pain of the ego losing power.

Embrace the illusions shattering, it is awakening the heart.

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Like an adventurer climbs on to reach the summit of a high mountain peak, the true spiritual seeker weathers any circumstance to find the Truth. This journey is not for the faint of heart, it is not for those seeking a life of ease, it is not for those who have comfort in their material gains. One must be robust, courageous, and have unrelenting fortitude. The spiritual journey may be a dark and treacherous way of life and those on that journey are exceedingly brave.

The common perception is that spirituality makes life easier and that spiritual people are living in an illusion ungrounded in the world, filled up with the woo-woo high of love and light. Connecting with Spirit can give you a high and some people stop their journey there. This is a dangerous place to live, just as being high on drugs all the time can be a dangerous place to live. This spirit-high can come through mediation, mediumship, channeling and so on. It is not to be confused with the experience of nirvana, enlightenment or oneness.

Having oneness with All That Is creates an extraordinary feeling of love, bliss, and a high that’s not replicated any other way. It is unique and unfathomable to all who have not experienced it. In that oneness, for those who have experienced the True oneness, we can see the suffering that illusion causes and strive to assist others out of suffering. We who know the heart of Divinity and we come in service to those who have yet to know it. The only way to know oneness with Divinity is to break down the power of the ego, and to break down the power of the ego one must be devoted to discovering the Truth.

At this point in time, the collective consciousness is in a state of fear and, for those attuned to spiritual awareness, we know that fear is an illusion created by the ego to keep control of the psyche. We have explored this, seen this in our own experience and traversed through our fears relentlessly for years. It can take years before we integrate this concept into the knowing of the mind. Once we understand how fear attempts to control us, we can manage it, and even have mastery over it, but we will never control it. Fear cannot be controlled. It can be seen and understood, and through the seeing and understanding of our fears we defuse their power. Then the energy will clear, and we may see passed the fear to the Truth. Once our fears have no power over us, we will see the Truth.

Yet, if we are not in an advanced state of spiritual development, we are susceptible to being controlled by our fears and the fears of others. Those who are holding on to the spirit-high level of awareness and not advancing to deeper understanding may have an intellectual knowledge of the concepts of fear and illusion but have not integrated it enough to practice mastery over fear. Being awakened to the level of the high is also the level where sensitivity is open to the collective consciousness and the chaotic energy of illusion created by the fears.

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This bears repeating. Those who are spiritual but have stayed in the etheric ‘high’ and not explored their own psyche, are susceptible to being controlled by their fears and will be open to being controlled by the fears of others. Being in the high awakens sensitivity to all types of energies, those that feel good and those that feel bad. If one does not advance beyond the spirit-high and explore their own psyches, they will be controlled by fear more easily than those who have never connected with Spirit or opened their awareness. We will have awakened to being sensitive to the gifts of Spirit and awakened to being sensitive to negative energies of others. This makes one easily manipulated, deluded, controlled, fearful and paranoid.

When fear advances to paranoia it is difficult to shake and can become a solidified belief that becomes part of ego identity. Once fear becomes an aspect of ego identity, the spiritual seeker will have to go through a painful shattering to go beyond it. This is important to understand. As each new challenge for survival surfaces, humanity must rise above it to survive. Yet each new challenge also reaches a new level of fear for the collective to get past. Now, the collective consciousness of humanity is fearing for its survival.

Spiritual people are easily manipulated by fear, we just do not know it because we are in denial. We feel the fear in the ethers, the fear for our survival. Some spiritual people will be in denial of that fear because the messages they get from Spirit are all life affirming. This is true we are not all going to die, yet the fear still exists and must have a reason for existing. So, the person on the spirit-high level of awareness seeks a reason for the fear and lands on conspiracy theories. The formula for every conspiracy theory is that there are secret powers at work creating the means for our destruction or to control us. It is convenient because we cannot disprove it, we cannot disprove the existence of a secret, or a secret society, because it is secret! It is also convenient because it gives us a reason that we are feeling the way we do without having to dive deep into our psyches and find the Truth.

Conspiracy theories are embraced by spiritual seekers who have not the fortitude to climb the mountain but prefer to stay on the spirit-high level of awareness.

Yet, we need not be advanced spiritual seekers or even spiritual at all to remove ourselves from the collective fear and be present to love, compassion, generosity, kindness, and gratitude. We have many times ahead that will challenge us to see past the fear in the collective consciousness of humanity and into the heart of Divinity. With each crisis, we are awakening to evolve beyond our own limited beliefs and see into the beauty of the Truth. Consider this a practice run, and each time it will get easier and easier to understand the Truth and connect into the love that will carry us into the next level of awakening.

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This is time to heal our broken psyches and awaken to this beautiful world through the power of love and then we may love all of those who hold her dear.

Staying in the power of compassion, love, empathy and kindness keeps us from being enveloped by the mass consciousness of fear and guides us easily to see the Truth which awakens us closer to the essence of All That Is and out of the fear consciousness present in any crisis.

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Janet Kadow

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