Your Connection to Divinity

We are born with a connection to divinity. Our connection to divinity is the source of love, creation, and life that guides our path through this world.

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Most of the time, we are unaware of our connection because it never demands our attention; it doesn’t even require acknowledgment or needs gratitude. The divine Spirit that guides us is soft, quiet, and gentle. It is not loud nor obvious. Its existence is not even provable in the three-dimensional world. The divine Spirit that guides you since you were born is represented by Spirit Guides and loves you absolutely and unconditionally.

Our Spirit Guides share, advise, and guide in the most subtle ways, and they have been doing all your life. When we first try connecting with Spirit, most of us try too hard. They are already communicating with you, so the first step is just acknowledging how they are already doing it.


At one point or another in your life, you have gotten a sign. A thing that happened that was too much of a coincidence or such an unusual event that it caught your attention and made you feel better. A sign can come in so many ways it is hard to list them all here. But they usually come when we have doubts or uncertainty that is causing some worry in our lives. They coincidentally happen just as you have a distressing thought. For example, you may be worried about your health situation, and as you are thinking about it, a butterfly comes so close to you you can’t ignore it. Or you were grieving someone you lost and feeling very concerned about how they are doing on the other side. Then, just at that moment, their favorite song comes on your playlist. A sign is a communication through the physical world that Spirit is with you; Spirit is saying it will be all OK and that what you are worried about will resolve in the best way possible.

Spirit can move energy and create tiny changes in this world when you ask for help and need it most. Even if you don’t remember asking for help or thinking you need help.


Confusion is caused by illusion, a barrier to the truth, and can even be toxic over time. Understanding what is behind a situation can help you get through that illusion barrier to heal and move on with your life. Understanding and self-awareness come from insight and can be very healing.

Insight is that ‘a-ha’ moment. A thought that comes out of the blue to awaken you to a new way of thinking. In an instant, it can show you old detrimental patterns holding you back. The gift of insight can come at any time, but typically it comes when you are in a calm state of mind, like waking from sleep, driving, reading, going for a walk, or taking a shower.  

Spirit shows the truth, and the truth Spirit shares is always healing and is offered only when you are ready to accept it.


Inspiration comes from Spirit. When you have an idea for an art piece, invent a new gadget, or get a great vision of how to deal with an old problem, Spirit is the source that inspires you. This is why innovative and creative people make great channels; they are already doing it!

Inspiration comes at those exact peaceful times that insight does. To get the message from Spirit, the clutter of mental activity must be low, and emotionally you must be calm. It is not required to have an empty mind to get insight and inspiration, but the mind must be relaxed, and the emotional body cannot be in turmoil. Meditation practices can help with this but are unnecessary once you see how you get in a relaxed state of mind.

Think of how you feel when watching T.V. or driving the car. Where does your mind go when showering or going for a walk? Your mind relaxes and watches, your body is at ease, and your emotions are not focused on painful experiences. This is the state of mind in which even the least spiritual person can get what they need to be guided by Spirit.


The simple answer is to just ask. Spirit can not do anything for you unless you ask; you can use prayer, candles, or just a cry for help. You can say it out loud, in your mind, or as a whisper in private. There is no wrong way to ask Spirit for help, and there is nothing you should not ask Spirit for help with. Ask for help with everything. Spirit does have rules on what they can and cannot do, but leave it to them, and they will help in every way possible to give you a life you wish to live.

Although Spirit does not need praise or acknowledgment, the way to get more support from them is gratitude. In working with Spirit, gratitude is the magic sauce; it opens their way to do more for you. They do not need anything from you, but gratitude opens your energy field to receive more. It is a law of the universe that we get more of what we wish when we feel gratitude. So use gratitude in all of your requests, thank them before receiving what you want, thank them for your day, and thank them for all you have. Through gratitude, you are paving the way for their ability to offer more help in your life in every way.

Janet Kadow offers a unique approach to spiritual awakening by using Spirit Guides and divination modalities. Teaching the intuitive and psychic arts of channeling, healing, and divination she is driven by her intensive work with Spirit offering classes, private training, and readings.

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