What are Fake Spirit Guides?

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Understanding False Spirit Guides, How to Spot Them, and Be Rid of Them.

What are Spirit Guides?

Everyone has Spirit Guides. Spirit Guides can be angelic, ascended masters, ancestors, or star nations. They are the Spirit beings closest to the Divine. They are considered one with God, yet they have some personal identity separate from God. These Guides are beings of wisdom that have the assignment to be with you throughout your life have such a profound unity with divinity that only a tiny part of their identity makes them individuals with personas and personalities. Since they are at one with the Divine, it is their nature to follow the Sacred Laws, and they cannot break them, under any circumstances, ever.

What are False Spirit Guides?

They are Spirit entities that are not at one with divinity. They have their origins and agendas as Spirit Guides do but have no need to follow the spiritual laws. They like to pretend they are Spirit Guides. I don’t have much information on them as far as why they exist. They may be in this physical realm because they have been welcomed by people who want to connect with Spirit but are untrained and have no desire to honor the Sacred Laws.

These low-level entities are not to be feared, and they only have the power that people give them. They are not demonic or evil. They are just false. But those who listen to false entities feed their energy. Giving them attention and speaking with them allows them to exist in our world. When you follow their advice or use them for readings, you are vulnerable to them taking energy from you. They will attach themselves to you and make you think you need them.

They do a great job imitating Spirit Guides for those untrained and who do not know what authentic Spirit Guides are like. However, the danger of working with false Guides is how they create difficulty, powerlessness, chaos, and exhaustion in their people. I personally have witnessed this in psychics that do not use the structure and boundaries of the Sacred Laws, practice clear intentions, and seek to serve their ego instead of the highest good.

You need to be sure of your intentions when working with Spirit. The ego wants success, fame, and fortune. Spirit wants to help you with happiness, health, and well-being. Spirit Guides are here to help you with your personal life to create the experiences you wanted to have on Earth before you were born. We do not know those; they are part of the Great Mystery. But the purpose our soul wishes to express in this life typically conflicts with what our ego wants.

If becoming a rich and famous psychic or healer appeals to you, you should know that your authentic Spirit Guides will not help you with that. The desire for fame, wealth, success, or status is ego-based, and Spirit does not cater to the ego. Spirit assists us in many ways and all the time but will not feed the need to be better than, have more than, or be more powerful than others. Many famous psychics got where they are by using pretend or fake “Spirit Guides.” These false Guides are entities not in harmony with divinity; therefore, they do not have to follow the Sacred Laws nor help you. Instead, they find people open to Spirit and will try to communicate with them. It is your discernment, intentions, adhering to the Sacred Laws, and asking your real Spirit Guides for help that can protect you against them.

What False Spirit Guides Do

Love bombing

The dangers of working with non-Spirit Guides are slow in manifesting and so subtle that it seems like you are really connecting with your Guides. It is like an abusive relationship. At first, there is the love-bombing phase. Everything they tell you centers around how great you are, how important you are, and how powerful you are. This feeds the ego and can lay the foundation for a messiah complex. I have seen many untrained psychics fall for this. Although authentic Spirit Guides begin with messages of love, their love messages heal and mend your wounded self and are not to make you feel exalted above others.

Suppose the messages you are getting hint that you are so important that the world depends on you for its healing, growth, or evolution. In that case, this is not from a real Guide. Not only would a real Guide never say such a thing because it would activate your ego, but they would not say such a thing because it would never be true. You do have unique gifts to offer the world, but if you do not or cannot give those gifts, the fate of humanity will not suffer. So, again, no real Guide would even hint at such a thing.

Amazing but unnecessary predictions

The next phase in the pretend Guide relationship is the predictive phase. False Guides will give you great information that is astonishingly accurate. For example, these entities can predict where and when the next natural disaster will be. On its face, this sounds like it is imperative to saving lives. You may believe that sharing information of this nature is essential, but that is wrong. It only bolsters the psychic’s reputation and will not save anyone. What government would give authority to the warning of a psychic ten thousand miles away? Since it is of no use to those affected by the disaster, this is meant to impress people, not help people, at best, or at worst, it is intended to create fear in the audience.

People who share global predictions and dire warnings about the fate of humanity do nothing to assist the highest good and only create chaos and fear. This is the hallmark signature of false Guides. Which also includes doing celebrity readings and political predictions. If psychic information is not personal and offered with integrity, it is given by fake Guides and will have karmic consequences for the channel. Counterfeit Spirit Guides love to spread fear, and fear of the future fate of humanity is an easy topic to do that.

False Spirit Guides will be excellent about giving details in readings that most psychics miss, like the color car a person drives or details about what they did the day before the reading. These may not be the most important messages, but they are not designed to be; they are meant to impress you as the reader and your client as the listener. This phase is intended to build trust in your pretend Guide.

Once you start believing and trusting everything your false Guide tells you, you feel very important to the people of the Earth and Spirit.

These predictions will make you feel important and necessary to these changing times. You are meant to think, “It is a good thing I am here to save the world before it collapses.” This phase of your false Guide relationship has the underlying tone of the second coming or saving the world.

The phases I’m outlining can be overlapping as needed to reinforce your trust and dependence on the false Guide. For example, perhaps you falter in your belief that you are the second coming or the greatest prophet of the age. They will tell you that humanity will end without you and give you experiences that validate you as a prophet. Or suppose you stop wanting to communicate with them. In that case, they will make you believe that ignoring them is not an option.

Manipulation with fear or judgment

The third phase is when the danger kicks in. The dangerous part is that the pretend Guide was never in it for you but for them. They only wanted your attention and energy to see how far they could take it. If you are genuinely convinced you have enormous power and prophetic insights, they begin to manipulate you. This is the fun part for them. Remember, they only want attention and energy, so any way you react is good as long as you are reacting. Their manipulations begin subtly. You will get you a task to do (or else bad things will happen), or they will tell you some bizarre information that is very far out there. You will do and believe anything they say since they have convinced you that they are your Spirit Guides and given you great information in the past. Now you trust them more than anyone else in your world.

This will continue for as long as you go along with it. Over time, the tasks will become more challenging to complete. The information will become more wild and unrealistic. But they will give potent energy of urgency to push the importance of believing them. Authentic Spirit Guides never give the feeling of ‘do this or else’ or a sense of urgency; those energies are fueled by fear.

 Collapsing of spiritual trust and burnout

The fourth phase is a collapse of spiritual trust which usually includes burnout of psychic ability. Once the false entities have run you around long enough and fooled you to exhaustion, you will go through a phase where you realize your Guides cannot be trusted. Most people don’t consider it was never their authentic Spirit Guide. You could still believe that it was your actual Guide that lied, manipulated, and fooled you. You may have no awareness that it was never your Spirit Guide. You will shut down your connection to all Spirits and reject all the messages.

For some people, this stage is crushing. It only comes about after destabilizing finances, health, and relationships by listening to your fake Guides for a long time. Suppose you followed their manipulations for years and changed your life based on their influence. In that case, it can be like removing yourself from a cult, an abusive relationship, or a dysfunctional family. It will be liberating and healing, but there is so much damage to be repaired.

These phases can last months, years, or decades. The longer it goes on, the more it creates chaos in your life and psyche. These false entities can make the real world feel like it is no longer essential, and your life can unravel.   

Now that you know the dangers of working with false Spirit Guides, I will explain how to spot them and the most common ways they behave that a real Spirit Guide would not.

How to Know When it is NOT Your Spirit Guide

Trust your feelings

First of all, when working with Spirit, trust your feelings. If your Guide feels good to connect with, and the sense you get from them is loving, then it is your Guide. False Guides never bring loving energy; they can’t because they don’t hold love. If you don’t feel any energy from your Guide when you ask to connect, ask them to give you love and feel it before continuing with the connection. If it feels loving and healing, it is always your Guide. If it feels a bit strange and they cannot give you love, dismiss them and do not engage with them again.

You have the power in this relationship. No matter what kind of Spirit, any Spirit must leave you if you tell them to go. But if you feel they have the power over you, they will not leave no matter what you say.

Physical humans have dominion of the Earth, which means that no energy or entity can stay here without our permission, invitation, or request. Likewise, any disembodied energy cannot function here without a person to give them leave. This includes your Guides, angels, ancestors, or negative spirits, like ghosts or low-level entities.

Some people simply do not have feeling sensitivity toward Spirit or energy. But, even if that is true for you, you should be able to get some kind of good feeling from them if they are your authentic Spirit Guides. It could be a feeling of emotional well-being, positive thoughts, or images. So, pay attention to anything that comes to you mentally, emotionally, or physically when you ask to speak with your Spirit Guide.

It’s in the message

The following way to spot them is through their messages. Actual Spirit Guides have a particular way of phrasing and supporting us. They never make us feel pressure, fear, anxiety, or worry. They are cautious in our interactions with us not to say or do things that cause any negativity. The Sacred Law of Love mandates that they cannot do anything to make you have fear or feel shame. So they will not be judgmental but support you unconditionally in everything you do and help you with everything you want to bring you happiness.

Fake Guides say things in a subtly judgmental way. Suppose you unconsciously expect God to judge you about something. In that case, they will use it to sound more ‘spiritual.’ They imitate spirituality based on your limited belief system. If you think Guides will boss you around or try to tell you how to behave, the fake Guide will embody that.

Such as, you may expect Spirit to not approve of swearing or indulging in a vice. Fake Guides use that presumption to manipulate you. When they tell you what you are doing is ‘bad,’ there is the burden of shame or feelings of insecurity. They are saying you are not good enough. This is a powerful way to keep you in thrall to them.

They encourage you to judge others by saying people are of a ‘low vibration’ or some term to let you know that you are more ‘ascended’ than another. This activates your ego and keeps you from listening to your true Spirit Guides, who would never encourage judgmentalism in you. 

Are they lying?

Authentic Spirit Guides must always tell you the truth. The Sacred Law of Truth requires they always have to tell you the truth. Yet, they do not have to tell you the whole truth. What they say and the way they say it must always be true. This can be confusing because they can omit or not answer anything they choose. They especially won’t answer if the answer will create fear, anxiety, or worry. Or, if is not for you to know the answer right now.

Pretend Guides do not have to tell you the truth, and once they have you believing them, they will lie to you a lot. If what you are getting is not the truth, it is not your Spirit Guide.

But do pay attention to the exact question you asked because Spirit Guides can answer literally. If you ask them an unclear question, the answer may not be clear, and you can assume it means something that it doesn’t. I always suggest writing your questions and answers to ensure the language holds what you think it means. We can be very lax when it comes to communications, and our Guides might be teaching us to pay attention to our phrasing and our words to be clear and get clarity.

Trust and Faith with True Spirit Guides

To work with the true Spirit Guides, we must act on faith. They will never explain themselves. If you ask why they are saying what they are saying, they will not answer. For example, suppose you feel a nudge from them that you need to leave for the store right now. You may ask or wonder why now? But they will never answer. They will not tell you why now. You can choose to leave or stay. If you act on faith and go at that moment, you will find out why they said ‘leave now’; it could be a synchronistic event or even a miracle. It could even just be an answer to a request you made.

The connection to Spirit Guides is one of faith. Faith comes one quiet step at a time. Once we feel our connection is clear, we build trust in them; once we have trust in them, we can act on faith. We need not always do, or ever do, what they suggest to us. They will not hold it against us or punish us if we don’t follow their guidance.

With real Spirit Guides following through on faith brings simple joys, unexpected gifts, and can even bring miracles. Just make sure you listen to your genuine Spirit Guide, and you will see it is a great way to live.    

Fake Guides will fill you with a sense of urgency to do as they say. It may come as a feeling that bad things will happen if you don’t do it, or they may even say something to make you afraid of the consequences if you do not follow through. Even something simple has a feeling of ‘do or die.’ False Spirit Guides answer ‘why,’ and the reason is always fear-based and urgent. When you do what they say, it will never bring a miracle. However, some synchronicities could occur, but that is only during the beginning of your connection.

If the message feels good positive, and life-affirming, then it is your Guide. On the other hand, it is not if the information feels dire, urgent, or judgmental.

A quick list of what true Spirit Guides offer is:

  • They are always supportive and never negative
  • They will never make you feel afraid
  • They will always be kind
  • They don’t judge
  • They will never tell you what to do or make demands on you.
  • They are here to serve YOU, not for you to serve them.

False Guides will do the opposite of the above list after they have created a foundation of trust and are confident you will do what they say.

The list to know if you are connecting with a fake Guide is:

  • They will flatter and build you up
  • They will tell you things you didn’t ask about yourself or others
  • They will demand you do things for them
  • They will assert themselves as the authority over you
  • They will lie to you
  • They will give you dire warnings and other messages that make you feel afraid

All the fake Guide wants is to control you to make you do its bidding. This is an abusive relationship, and usually, those who have not yet healed their wounded ego are susceptible to this type of relationship with Spirit.

Many of your natural-born channels are likely to not have developed the personal discipline and awareness it takes to keep from attracting these entities. One can be a great psychic but lacks spiritual awareness or self-awareness; this is a difficult and often dangerous way to live.

How do you keep fake Spirit Guides away?


Know why you want to connect. Know your hidden intentions. Dive deep into your psyche to get to the bottom of your reasons for wanting a connection with Spirit. One way is by knowing what you think will happen once you become a great channel or what you want to get out of connecting with Spirit.

The best intention is to state that you want to get messages for your highest good to help you on your path to your highest potential. This is a standard and common intention for any interaction with Spirit. It is solid as stone. Your intention is your best protection if it is your true intention.

Some may just say the words but not have that intention. If you say the words without meaning, they leave an opening for any entity to take advantage of you.

Spirit knows when you don’t mean it.

Suppose you have that intention in place but are still getting unwanted spirits. In that case, you need to become aware of what is your hidden intention. Being aware of what you want and why you are doing this may seem simple, but we don’t know ourselves as well as we think. So know yourself, and you will know your intention.

A simple way to find the intention you may hide from yourself is by imagining what your life would look like if you were already an excellent channel for Spirit. What happens then? Take some time with it. What do you envision? Are publishers or talk shows calling? Are you famous? What would it be like to be a genuinely great channel? If you see a vision of fame, wealth, or notoriety that lights up your heart, it is a true intention. There is no problem with wanting success in any field. Yet, if it is just to be so great it exalts your status, then Spirit will not help with this and it leaves you open to fake Guides coming in.

The best way to know if this is your true intention is to be brutally honest with yourself. Ask yourself, “if I could be a great channel and never got any credit or recognition, would I still do it?” Would you? Would it be worth it to do it just for you?

Your endgame is your intention. It is where you direct your energy every time you channel. If your energy is constantly focused on the talk show circuit, you will not be a great conduit for healing, insight, or inspiration. Your messages may amaze people for a time. Still, then the eventual and inevitable burnout from working with pretend Guides will bring it to a crash.

Another way to soul-search your intention is to remember who inspired you to try channeling your Guides. Did you see a channel or read channeled material that made you want to explore it further? Who was your inspiration, and what about their message interested you about channeling? This is a great way to discover more motivations and goals for your channeling because it shows you what they were doing is what you want to do. Once you know that, you see another intention on why you want to channel.

Then ask yourself if what they did were not possible for you, would you keep going?

Your reasons, motivations, and intentions direct your path and call forward your spiritual allies, physical and non-physical. You could have several intentions and many reasons to walk this path. Get to know them to get to know yourself, and then no being can exploit your hidden agenda. An awakened mind is a powerful protection and much needed as you walk the way of the mysteries.

The Sacred Laws

The untrained and unaware are susceptible to pretend Guides because that person can be ego-based and/or does not follow the Sacred Laws of Will, Truth, and Love. If they are not in spiritual work through humility and to serve the highest good or through a pure desire to heal and find wholeness, they can get lost to fake Guides.

Genuine seekers on the spiritual path are not ego-based. They wish to explore the mysteries driven by a healthy curiosity of life, the courage to face their traumas and fears, and a desire to experience their true potential. Those who attract and listen to pretend Guides have many psychic wounds that could cause personality disorders, addictions, or lack self-awareness about their own agenda. If there is a hidden need to feed the ego, it needs to be known before attempting to connect with Spirit.

There are many ways to get past the barriers of psychic trauma. Counseling, sacred ceremonies, emotional support, and medical intervention could help. It is beneficial to explore these options if you are getting nowhere with connecting to your Guide but get fake Guides instead. Spirit can offer a great deal of healing, but only the adept has enough faith and trust in Spirit to get the healing needed from them. Be responsible for yourself. I know of one psychic school that would not train anyone without extensive psychological evaluations. Awakening can bring up past traumas, and the unbalanced mind is not ready for awakening.

Following the Sacred Laws, as Spirit does, will help you connect with your Guides and only your Guides. The Sacred Laws will also protect you along the path of awakening. I will give a brief overview of the Sacred Laws, but this list is in no way comprehensive. You may wish to continue to contemplate and learn them in mediation or in conversation with Spirit to better understand them. Know that following the Sacred Laws for any reason will be life changing.

The First Three Sacred Laws

The Law of Will

Also known as the Law of Free Will or the Law of Non-Interference. This Law states that Spirit must be asked before giving assistance. They cannot intervene without your request and permission. Applying this to your life means not reading anyone without their permission, not sending healing or giving aid to anyone without their asking for it, or jumping in to give advice unless asked. Waiting to be asked ensures you are in harmony with how Spirit works. The only caveat is the duty for care, such as medical and rescue workers. As you can see, there are a lot of gray areas that would need some discussion with your Guides, or you can do mediations that could help bring clarity if you wish it.

The Law of Truth

The Law of Truth, also known as the Law of Omission, states that Spirit Guides cannot lie, but they do not have to tell the whole truth. To align with this Law, think about what would it look like if you did not ever lie? You can avoid telling the truth by not answering or answering in part, but not by lying. This could be life-changing in a very powerful way. The additional benefit of it is that when we speak the truth, the truth will always be revealed to us.

The Law of Love

The Law of Love states that Spirit cannot do or say anything to make you afraid. This is why it can be difficult to see or hear them. They do not want to do anything that may startle you or freak you out. They cannot cause fear, nor do they do anything out of fear. This is a powerful law to practice. What if you did everything out of love, If all of your actions were an expression of love? What if you did nothing out of fear, guilt, or obligation? If every single thing you did was a joyful expression of love, how would that change your life?

Following the Sacred Law of Love is an extraordinary way to live. When I first started this practice, I took a look at everything I did, and if I couldn’t do it out of love, I said no to it. But, sometimes, even if I didn’t love the idea of doing it, I wanted to anyway. So, I would examine why I wanted to do it anyway. Like attending a party, my introverted self is not interested in parties, yet I would feel obligated to go. So, I had to get to the love to go. To shift from obligation to love, I would think of how I love the person I was going for and their happiness of seeing me. Then I could say to myself, I would love to see that, and that feeling of love would carry me through the evening. It changed my feelings of party-dread to joy. I no longer would feel obligated to go but happy to go. This changes the total energy around anything you do and can make for an easy, drama-free life.

Choosing to live within the Sacred Laws will assist in aligning with your Spirit Guides and connect you even deeper to their wisdom. As long as you strive to work with these laws, you will be protected from any false Guide. You need not be perfect and consistent with the Sacred Laws; as long as you are sincerely striving to align with the Sacred Laws, you are protected.

Spirit’s Intention

You can also find protection from aligning with Spirit’s intention for working with you. They have an intention as well. Their intention is to help you. That is all. They have been helping you your whole life. That is all they want to do. They want to help you be happy, healthy, find love, be inspired, and even help you find a great parking space.

Your Spirit Guides don’t want to help others or save the world. Instead, they are there for you.

Give yourself the loving attention the way Spirit does. Be primarily interested in getting help for you to be guided, supported, and healed to fulfill the potential you were born with. These things are in perfect alignment with Spirit. Do not come to connect with Spirit to impress others gain success or status. But simply, privately, and humbly work with Spirit to assist you for a better life. This is an extraordinary intention, powerful, healing, and loving.

Ask Spirit

The simplest way to get protection from fake Spirit Guides is to ask your Spirit Guides. Then, just say a quiet prayer to keep any and all entities that do not support you in love away from you.

Ask your Guides and only your Guides to be the only Spirits you connect with. If you don’t have much experience working with Spirit, it is hard to trust that they can do this. But once you know how much they can shift energy, support your life, and help you with everything, it is easy to trust they can and will do this for you.

They can protect you easily. They can help you in miraculous ways. But, because of the Law of Will, they cannot do anything for you unless you ask.

Just ask.

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