Spirit’s Wishing Well

When Spirit makes a wish, it is whispered into your heart. Then the heart ignites with joy which lights up your path ahead.

Once upon a time, you made a wish for a change. Like Snow White at the wishing well, it seemed so easy. She wishes for the one she loves, and he appears. Your wish has a feel and vision to it. You know it is possible as if it manifested instantaneously before you. It feels that it can happen in your life easily.    

There are different kinds of wishes. There are wishes we make for material or mundane things, and there are the desires of the heart. Snow White’s wish represents a desire of the heart. A longing that comes from her Spirit to create a different life. Spirit guides us by giving us the desires of the heart. So, when our heart lights up with the thought of something new in our lives, know that it is your Spirit, higher consciousness, lighting the way.    

The ego uses the mental field to guide us. Spirit guides the heart, but the ego rules the mind. Nothing is wrong with fulfilling the ego’s desires unless they come from the wounded ego. In this case, the ego blocks our heart’s desire through fear or keeps us from attempting to fulfill it through self-doubt. It can feel like everything is in our way when the wounded ego does not support what our heart wants.    

In Snow White, the Evil Queen represents the wounded ego vying for control when the heart expresses its desire. First, she watches from the window in silence as the prince appears. Then she plots. The story of Snow White in the Disney version is an apt representation of what we go through when we begin to follow the desires of the Spirit but have not healed the wounded ego.    

Snow White is very wounded. She is the rightful princess of the realm but is in rags and does not claim her power. Snow is the heir to the throne but behaves like a peasant. She seemingly does not understand who she is or what she can be. The Evil Queen, as her wounded ego, has given her the belief that she is no more than a peasant, and that is all she ever will be.  

Yet, her heart has a desire.  

There are many ways to heal the wounded psyche. This story represents the evolution of consciousness and how we can overcome our wounds in a spiritual way. This story is the path to healing as we walk hand in hand, guided by Spirit. 

All she has is a wish. And that is enough to change everything.   

We are complex beings with many aspects of our consciousness. Those aspects respond when we make a life change not supported by past patterning. The huntsman represents our survival instinct and intuition. The wounded ego’s solution is to cut out Snow White’s heart, the portal to her higher consciousness, but intuition saves her and warns her.    

By listening to her intuition, she is awakening. By trusting her intuition, a new aspect of herself becomes available. Her third eye, or her psychic senses, begins to open. Our psychic senses connect to the unseen world’s energies and force us to confront our hidden fears and phobias.    

That is why she must go through the haunted forest. To fulfill her wish, she must face her fears. The terror and the fright of experiencing her hidden fears are overwhelming. When eventually surrendering to it, she faints in exhaustion. But, as witnesses, we see it was all an illusion. The sinister eyes of the forest were harmless, gentle animals, and the grasping phantoms were just trees. The high drama was nothing more than foliage and critters.   

Many a spiritual awakening will stop in the haunted forest and never get out of that stage. Some never confront nor face their fears. Some have an awakening yet stay in the haunted forest, unknowing the illusion of it. They have paranoid theories and fear the world they see. They have yet to escape, so they cannot witness the power of the helpers standing by, let alone understand their own power.  

Living in fear of what is an illusion is like living in the haunted forest. High drama, demons at every turn, and no one to help escape. It is a painful and destructive way to live.    

The animal helpers appear to her after she has gone through the forest. She sees them for what they are and gets help from them. They lead her to the dwarves’ home to represent the succor Spirit can provide once we face our fears and phobias. We must allow and trust Spirit to help and guide us on our spiritual journey to fulfill the heart’s wishes. Following our hearts is impossible without help from the unseen realm.  

Whether we ask for help from the universe, the Earth, or the dwellers of the heavenly realms does not make a difference. But our heart’s desire is a call to action to walk the spiritual path and fails without assistance from a force greater than ours.  

Help from a higher power is only accessed by those who request and trust it. The higher power threatens the wounded ego because it cannot control it. The wounded ego will doubt and make you feel a fool for even thinking there is a higher power. Therefore, getting to the stage where you trust the higher power to lead you to safety is a big task for most.   

The animal helpers lead her to the cottage where her inner child dwells, represented by seven dwarves. They are different aspects of the inner child and her life stages as she grows into adulthood. Once she cares for her inner child, she finds joy and affection. Her unconscious aspect has been given attention and love for the first time. The experience of that healing leads to a feeling of celebration. The inner child holds unconscious wisdom, accessed by giving it attention. The inner child is aware of dangers she is unaware of, and they warn her about the Evil Queen finding her. 

The Evil Queen does find her and attempts to kill her. Finally, all the plots of the Evil Queen come to a head, and Snow White goes into a deep sleep. This phase is the most crucial part of fulfilling your wish. Death is but a rebirth. When they are on the precipice of fulfilling their wish, many people will feel like they are dying. I know some even make their wills and funeral arrangements because the feeling of imminent death is so strong. Some experience death dreams or feelings of doom. The more resistance we have, the more painful this stage can be. It can even bring about physical illness. 

When this stage is particularly lengthy and dramatic, it is called the dark night of the soul. Wherein all the things that our wounded ego holds dear must be eliminated. As a result, some lose their jobs, homes, or spouses. The dark night of the soul only happens when we desire to shift our entire lives from ego-driven to Spirit-led. And this rarely happens when we follow a single desire of our Spirit. 

The wounded ego will make you believe going for your dream is a death sentence. But this is an illusion. We must face it as we must face all fears and illusions. Once Snow White lies unconscious, her inner child attacks the Evil Queen sending her to death. But, of course, we cannot kill the ego. It is only the death of the wounded ego. Many traditions or spiritual beliefs speak of killing the ego. Yet, the ego is necessary as long as we live on Earth. The healthy ego is never harmed.    

The healthy ego creates our identity and separates us as unique individuals. Without it, we would see the wholeness of all things as our souls and Spirit see it. When we are in our higher consciousness, all things are One and cannot be separated. Since we have a human experience, the feelings of oneness must be tempered to explore the self as singular. It is an extraordinary experience to get to know the self as it is in this world. The journey into the self is an exploration only experienced through living and is an infinite well of wisdom.    

To know if your healthy ego is active and not your wounded ego, consider how you view the world and get to know your beliefs. To the wounded, everything is either above the self or below it. It uses judgment and fear to make choices. The wounded ego loves what gives status or tears down. It doesn’t care if it is operating from arrogance or low self-esteem so long as it stays separate from others. For example, if you view others’ status as important or you as more important than others. If you think it is beneath you to drive an old type of car or think you are not worthy of driving a fancy car, those thoughts are from the wounded ego. Keeping you involved in comparisons keeps you from connecting to the higher mind.  

A healthy ego has likes and dislikes for different reasons. The healthy ego sees others not from the view of status but as differences. The healthy ego celebrates and exalts others for differences, but not because they think they are superior. When making choices, the healthy ego does not consider what people will think of them. Instead, it will only make the choices that bring personal happiness. The healthy ego sees no other being inferior or less worthy of living. A healthy ego has no condemnation for others but instead has compassion. Persons with a healthy ego can revere and respect others for their accomplishments without diminishing their self-worth. 

As we do the work on our spiritual path, our egos become healthier and more balanced. We need not heal all our wounds to fulfill the wishes of our hearts and the desires of our Spirit. We need only address the wounds that hold us back. You may wonder what those are, but your negative inner voice, judgment, or beliefs will show you. It will not be a mystery what is holding you back.   

It is important to note that the inner child is the one to ‘kill’ the wounded ego. The inner child is aware of toxicity and will warn, avoid, or eliminate anything harmful from our lives. When we are in touch with and care for our inner child, we are not likely to be in abusive relationships, toxic workplaces, or have a lot of drama. Our inner child wants joy and only seeks to be heard, seen, and experience love from our conscious self to have it. Making a bit of time to connect with them is powerful healing.    

The mourning of Snow White and the respect the dwarves show her keep her safe and above ground. She gets that respect for the care she gave them. Their honoring helps the prince to find her and fulfill her wish. Note that the wish is fulfilled not by her seeking the prince but by working on her inner self. When we follow the desire of Spirit or our heart’s desire, the call to action is more about clearing the wounded consciousness out of the way than making any life changes.   

The prince represents the divine masculine. The union of the masculine and feminine within is a powerful experience on the path of healing the wounded ego. Although she states her wish is to find the one she loves, she truly longs for her unity within. She can then claim her kingdom and birthright and know her power. Only then can her destiny be fulfilled and the truth of herself expressed.    

Every time our heart lights up with joy at something new, it is our Spirit, our higher consciousness, saying, “Yes, I want this!”. If our conscious self agrees and finds joy in the prospect of it, then we begin this journey. It may be a significant life-changing journey, or it may be lesser in significance, but know it is your Spirit guiding the way.    

We can go through Snow White’s journey many times at various stages of our lives. Think of these events as an opportunity to heal the next level of being and a vital step to fulling the dearest wish of Spirit.    

Knowing how our conscious self responds to the Spirit’s wishes helps us navigate all the difficulties that our true path can bring.    

For this, we need the following:    

  • The wisdom of recognizing what our Spirit desires.    
  • To follow intuition and insight navigating the haunted forest.    
  • How to get help from and trust unseen forces.    
  • To know how to care for the inner child.    
  • To have the tools for healing the wounded ego.    
  • To understand how to unite masculine and feminine.    

Knowing how to navigate and clear the wounds of the ego so that it no longer holds power over your life takes dedication, self-awareness, and proper practices. 

If you want to get to know these things, I am teaching all this in a 9-week course starting January 9th!  

The Path of Joy will give you all you need to know to live your purpose, build your intuitive gifts, care for your inner child, and more.  

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