Listen to Your Soul Speak

Intuition whispers to you from the soul and offers guiding wisdom to create a life of ease and joy.

Let’s dig deep. The deeper we dig, the more treasures we find. So let us look for what’s hidden. All of the wisdom of the ages lies within the depths of consciousness obscured by the mind of the ego.    

There is wisdom dormant in the soul. Access the soul by going deep into the unconscious. It hides not to keep you from knowing it. On the contrary, it wishes to be revealed, expressed, and active in your life. It hides buried like an old pair of shoes in the back of a cluttered closet. The more cluttered the mind, the more we must dig.    

The soul will only express itself with conscious practice, coaxing, and patient attention. Give it these, and you will have access to the wisdom of the ages, insights into the future, and inspiration in the present moment.    

The soul is the record keeper of time, knows all you have been through, and can guide you to your well-being. It is the part of your spirit that incarnates physically in your body and holds the knowledge of your every experience from lifetime to lifetime. It can also keep you from harm and help you enjoy a life of ease and joy. It can help you to heal karmic cycles and release you from old contracts. It is ageless, timeless, and can access all of the universe’s wisdom.    

It is the most potent aspect of self, yet it sits behind all the clutter of nonsense going through the mind.    

Let us coax it from the depths of the unconscious to the light of the conscious.   

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When we do this, it manifests as intuition. Our intuition is our inner guide. Every human on Earth has intuition. It is our innate gift given at birth. It may seem that it has never revealed itself to you because you may not recognize it when it does. Many people respond to intuitive experiences by saying it was a guess, a coincidence, or a fluke. But from experience and teaching people at all levels of ability, it can become the guiding force in your life with a bit of time and attention.   

The first step is to recognize when it happens. There are different ways our soul communicates with us; all are considered intuitive abilities.  

*It may come as a thought in your mind. Thinking about something out of the blue that appears with no train of thought or preceding trigger.   

*You may get images in your mind, like pictures or scenes that show you what is coming.  

*It could be a voice or word you hear with your mind’s ear.   

*Or it could be a feeling like a gentle inkling that nudges you.    

Note that all of these experiences are internal. The intuitive senses rarely manifest in the physical world. Although some psychics boast about seeing actual physical visions, this is so rare that I have only met one psychic to have this experience of the hundreds I have taught.    

Think of the third eye, the portal to the unseen world, as the inner vision. This is why it can be confused with the imagination and dismissed. It is your inner world. But a lot is going on there, so you must learn to discern intuition and egoic chatter.    

Pay attention. How often have you come home from the grocery store to find that you didn’t have that thing you had the idea to get? For example, you may have gotten the hit to buy milk but dismissed it, thinking you already had some. Only to get home and find it was expired. Or think of calling someone, and they call you moments later. Happenings like this are opportunities to evaluate how intuition works for you. How did it come to you to get that thing or call that person?    

Intuition is not loud. Intuitive hits are so quiet we can miss them. They are like a wisp of air in the thunderstorm of thought going through your mind at any given time. It does take awareness to spot them, but the more you pay attention, the easier they are to find, and like seeing the hidden shapes in pictures, once you see one, you can see them all.    

NEW CLASS begins January 9! Register by January 8. More info here: The Path of Joy

Let’s get started. Take a few days to note how it presents itself when it happens. When you get stuck in traffic and realize you should’ve followed that nudge that said to go a different route. Notice when you are watching a show, and suddenly a thought of someone comes to mind without any reason. When you wash dishes, and you get the answer to a problem you have been having. These are the gentle nudges of your soul speaking to you. Take a moment to reflect on how it manifested. Was it a vision, feeling, thought, or voice? 

It’s okay if you get a hit and don’t follow through. It is more important to notice that you got the hit and reflect on how it came.    

At this stage of development, you must learn how your soul communicates.    

Once you are sure how it works and recognize when it comes through as a mental image, a feeling, a thought, or a sound/word, you can see how often it is coming and what you are doing when you get the hit.    

Taking time to know your intuition, which may even take weeks, will help prepare you to develop trust in it.  

The next step is to grow in confidence. To do this, make a vow to follow it. Pick a day when things are not too hectic. Make a vow such as, “today; I will follow my intuition, no matter what.”    

Then follow through. Whatever little nudge, feeling, or so on comes up, whether it is to buy something extra at the store, call a friend or check your email, do it. When you follow through with what you get intuitively, you tell your soul that you are listening to it and allowing it to guide you. This is a giant step in opening the way to getting more.    

Once you do this, your ego will have much to say about it. Do not be distressed if you have a negative voice telling you how ridiculous it is, it is all nonsense, or you are foolish even to try. This is only your ego. The ego doesn’t like you following your intuition or listening to your soul. The ego wants to be the only one to whom you listen. But sometimes, the way to win an argument is to agree. The best way to deal with the naysayers in your head is to answer, “you may be right, but just for today, I am going to listen to my intuition.” You will be amazed at how silent it becomes. Without an adversary, the ego has no reason to argue. It’s the best way I know of to silence the negative dialogue. As you grow on your spiritual path, you will learn ways to heal the wounds the voice is expressing. It comes from a wounded place and can heal, but until then, allow it to be and don’t try to fight it. Yet, please don’t give it any power by giving in to it, either.    

All of this should get you on the way to building your natural gifts. The next step is to call up your intuition on command and gain insight into the future, relationships, career, and more. The magic of your soul is just beginning to awaken.    

              NEW CLASS begins January 9! Register by January 8. More info here: The Path of Joy

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