Different Ways of Channeling Spirit

Getting messages from Spirit holds different power depending on the medium through which they speak.  
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Getting messages from Spirit holds different power depending on the medium through which they speak.  

For a spur-of-the-moment question, I might ask them in my thoughts as I go about my day to help me with something. Like, “help me get there on time.” Then, I allow my attention to settle and wait to see if there is any response or advice that comes through to help. If not, I know to continue what I am doing, and they will assist me as I go. If they respond in casual mode, it will be more like a thought whisper, such as, “turn right before your usual turn.” This may be barely noticeable for most, but being disciplined in awareness helps to make this a clear answer.   

When asking in meditation, it can be an answer that lights up all my senses. A visual image in full vivid color, with a strong feeling of energy, communication in the form of powerful knowledge, and my guide’s voice coming through with clarity. It isn’t hard to get into this state once you give it time and attention. Nurturing your senses to grow and settling down long enough to awaken your awareness is a matter of practice. Like learning to sing or swim, it is a natural ability that needs some honing.   

Then there is live-channeling. This is when I am awake but allow my Guide the use of my being to connect and speak through me. It is not as bizarre as it sounds or as movies would make you think. It is a blissful feeling that blends my mind, my heart, and my voice with Spirit. The feeling of it can be intense at times, and Spirit can hesitate to find the right words to convey the energy of the messages. When I am live-channeling, I can feel my Guide’s responses. Sometimes, I can feel when he is searching my mental field for the word that holds the power of what he is wishing to convey. With that he can choose the sound that holds the precise energy of his meaning. Occasionally, I can see an image he shares to show me what he means in answer to the question. At times, I can even feel an overwhelming love for the person he is speaking to. When I am live-channeling, it can feel like I am him. As a bonus, after channeling this way, I feel a big shift or blessing in my energy field that heals me.   

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Then there is writing. I am not talking about automatic-writing* here.   

To channel and write messages is like taking dictation. Channeled writing is a powerful gift. Being able to see what messages and information can come through while recording it on paper can give any novice channeler the confidence to share the messages. It is written proof of divinity by virtue of it not being at all like their own writing. I recommend writing what comes through for all my students new to channeling. Write down what comes in. Wait a few days, then read what you have written. Then be amazed.   

The other way of channeling Spirit is for more complex questions and deeper wisdom. Asking then waiting. This is how I get information on the Sacred Laws and the Laws of the Universe. For teaching that is very foreign to my life experience and more complex, I ask about it like a prayer in my mind. Then I wait and see what answers come over time. The answers may come upon waking up in the morning, in meditation, or just a sudden download of insight. Getting it in download form is like getting the entire concept of physics in an instant, and I must take time to incorporate it. Getting answers to the mysteries of the universe or deep esoteric topics may take days, weeks, or even years. After that, it will take time to understand what I have been given.   

For example, I had been taught by my human teachers that Spirit prefers and almost always answers in the affirmative and not the negative. Spirit hesitates to say ‘no’ because it stops energy and is not life-affirming. But I had one teacher who taught the Law of Non-Interference. This is an especially important Spiritual Law that must be understood and followed by any spiritual practitioner who is serious. Yet, since Spirit does not communicate with negatives, and ‘non-interference’ is a term that holds the negative ‘non.’ I wondered what the non-negative term for this law is.  

This was just the beginning for me getting immense information on the Sacred Laws, which have come to me over time. What I got was that non-interference is under the Sacred Law of Will, which we may be more familiar with as the Law of Free Will. This is the first law that I am shown and is the most important and impactful for those of us working with Spirit to keep our karma clear of harm and to keep us from unintentionally harming others.   

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Asking this question led me to profoundly essential information I have seen nowhere else. But being patient with when and how the answer came to me was as important as asking the question. And over time, this practice has given me life-changing insights and access to ancient wisdom.   

Channeling takes many forms. I believe and have seen the impact it has on lives through all these forms. I also believe we all channel from time to time without even knowing it. 

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*Automatic writing is for those who are what I call physical mediums and have the gift of Spirit moving objects through them. Automatic writing is not a practice in awareness. It does not use the psychic senses of feeling, hearing, seeing, or thought. It is unique and requires the medium to allow Spirit to use their energy to move objects. This is not my gift. For those who are not naturally physical mediums, they can do this, but it takes a great deal of patience, and they will find there are easier, more efficient ways to get messages from Spirit. 

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