Ever Changing Beliefs

Photo by Chei ki on Pexels.com

Shifting your belief system can change your world, but if you don’t know why you believe something, then it’s difficult to shift.

There are two kinds of belief. One is what we are told to believe. These are things like social norms or religious ideals. The other is what we experience and see for ourselves, which are things like natural and even ordinary occurrences like the sunrise. We all believe the sun will rise every morning, but not all of us believe in Divinity.

Think about why you believe in Spirit (or not). Is it an experience or what you have been told to believe?

Once you understand why you believe what you believe, you can see if it is the truth or not the truth for you. You can choose to let it go or keep it. This work is especially important for those who believe they are less than others. Even if you know this is not true, you could be operating as though it is, unconsciously.

There are ways to release and reset your belief system to reprogram your unconscious from living an outdated program, into living the truth as you know it. Simply exploring and delving into why it is the way it is can help release the negative ways in which it is creating the life you don’t want or does not serve you anymore.

As you grow and change into the wisest version of yourself, so too must what you used to think was true grow and change to embrace that wisdom.

Seekers on the spiritual path wish to know Divinity on their own terms but with this awakening comes the need to be self-aware at a new level. It is imperative to allow for redefining what it means to be spiritual and what the truth is for you.

Release attachment to belief and ask your guidance to show you the amazing gifts it has to offer way beyond belief and into the heart of Truth.

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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