Is Being of Service Your Destiny?

How to live within the power of your truth

I remember having the belief that if I were truly spiritual, I would be in a convent or an ashram or some holy order. I thought I would be called by God to devote my life to their service and pray or meditate all day.

But, when I started getting serious about my spiritual path, I had a toddler, a job, a husband, and all that goes with living in the world. Sometimes in my sleep-deprived, overwrought, and exhausted mind, I thought it would be great to commune with Divinity day and night sequestered in the cell of a grand ancient hermitage. But it never happened. I was never called. Oh well, I went ahead with my spiritual path, even though it was not my calling.

Before I got a tarot deck, I had heard that you must be gifted your first tarot deck and should never buy your own. Well, my curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t wait for that. I couldn’t wait for recognition from others and bought one. To my mind, I was not a true psychic because no mysterious person handed me a cloth covered and crystal-blessed tarot deck saying, “this is for you”. Oh well, I thought, I’m going to learn tarot, anyway.     

I’ve heard of people being told they had some past lives as healers or priestesses, that this lifetime was to fulfill that purpose once again. Some were even quite famous! The past life readings I have had were very ordinary and boring. I am no one special and have nothing to share with the world as ordained by my soul’s gifts yet to be realized. Oh well.

I’m nothing special. I haven’t been called. My soul has no buried gifts to show me. No other psychic has ever even told me I’m psychic. Yet, I have worked and grown into a full-time psychic, healer and spiritual teacher, anyway. I had a good number of readings before I worked on my spiritual and psychic growth, yet no one ever predicted that. No one said, “you will be a spiritual teacher.” Not one. Even if I got a reading from a stranger now, after doing this work for over twenty years, they would not see it.

I wonder why that is.

Thank goodness when I wonder about something and puzzle over it, my guide will tell me, show me, and help me understand.

The important part of what he taught me about is this: I had to choose it. So, as was my natural course of evolution, I chose it and did not feel that something predetermined it for me. That was the only way I could live the truth of who I was. No one could tell me who I was. It was my discovery to make.

Even though my belief was that I had no business doing spiritual work on any level, my heart called me forward and my undaunted curiosity led the way.

Being ‘called’ to do spiritual service is a fallacy. It doesn’t really happen that way. The only thing that calls to us is our own hearts. Being called into spiritual service, being called to heal, or do ceremonies, being called to channel beings from other worlds, is a desire.

If it is the desire from your heart, it is your destiny.

If it is the desire of the ego to elevate your status, then it is your illusion and will not end well. Ego and Spirit do not mix. Ego driven spiritual people will crash their lives and burn out. They end up with some crisis or another. Some call it a crisis of faith as disillusionment creeps in. Some just keep going, digging into using their false spirituality to feed their ego as their lives fall apart. The psychic’s predictions or the feeling of being called is an illusion that feeds the ego into believing it has some grand purpose. It gives the believer the feeling that they are going to save the world.

People under the illusion that they are living out some profound spiritual destiny are only in it for the ego boost it gives them. Some feel if they don’t do a certain ceremony or send healing to the Earth, all will fall apart. They have an imperative urgency in doing as Spirit says, or disaster looms for humanity.


The Earth heals herself. We can become in alignment with her healing power with ceremonies and support her with prayer, but she’s a very capable being. She made, supports and nurtures you. Even with the environmental crisis we currently face, if humanity left the Earth, she would heal just fine. So, our ‘helping’ her heal is just us trying to reverse our toxic ways so we can stay living here. Her healing power can heal everything. We need to ask her for our healing.

Spirit needs nothing from you, either. The Divine aspect of the heavens, whether you call them Creator, Goddess, Allah, Brahma, God, or the All That Is, made all the Universe and everything in it. What could they possibly need from you? What service could you supply Spirit that they could not supply for themselves? You need Spirit to help you live in this world and asking for help from them is all they desire from you.

Spirit and the Earth require nothing from you. You are here to live the life of your choice.

My guide would never tell me what to do for a living. I do this work because my heart desires to and because of that; it brings me joy.

On a similar note, Spirit will never tell me who to be with. It is my choice. If there is a deep soul connection, like a soulmate or twin flame, it is still up to me if I want to be with that person. There is no mandate about who I should live my life with. I do not have to marry anyone or stay single for any purpose other than my heart’s desire.

Living in this world is about choosing our own path and exploring it for as long as we wish. It is always good to ask for help and guidance from Spirit and healing from the Earth, but those things are not a requirement.

There is nothing special about me, or even special about you, except that all the Heavens and this bountiful Earth are at your service.

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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