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Walking in Faith After Trauma

Walking in faith is the most difficult path of life but is even more so when the past haunts our every move. Our past is made up of events and images that create identity. It is constructed by the world around us. When we go within we discover a new being not confined by the past. This new being is as innocent as a newborn. When we connect with this inner being we begin the battle of understanding our essence in contrast with our ego. The ego is a fine vehicle for the development of consciousness and serves its purpose. When we release the past our purpose shifts to that of trust in self.

Alas, our past is a specter of great power and the battle continues. We do not remember past lifetimes, so we do not become enthralled by what was. With each new lifetime, we wash away memory and that is a great gift for each being. We need not remember, we need to go forward into the depths of the unknown and into the discovery of what gifts lie ahead. To consciously attune to the innocence within is a beginning of a great adventure. Not knowing what shall be and leaving it up to divinity is the perfection of existence that creates a lifetime of magic. Magic can rule us in a powerful way creating the miracles of living. Life is a precious thing. Being in the moment and allowing Spirit to care for the future is the greatest gift you can give yourself. We can view life in a different way when we see ourselves as an adventurer and discoverer on a wild ride into the deep abyss of power.

History is interesting, but it is just stories. Once a moment has passed it becomes a story. It is no longer a reality. And reality shifts depending upon perspective. What we cling to in the form of trauma is the idea of the history, but it may not be a reality of an event. We are clinging to the idea of a thing that may have happened, and this idea can cause great suffering when it is associated with pain. The past is an illusion, but the current state of suffering is real.

There are many tactics to overcome suffering from a trauma of the past. Predominantly understood to be the best solution is the concept of forgiveness but very few people can actually forgive their abuser or the cause of their trauma. Since this is the case many look to regression or talk therapy to come to a place of peace about it. Yet this can have mixed results, for some talking about a trauma allows the mind to become fixated on it and therefore creating an identity that depends on it, and the suffering becomes part of their very existence. Suffering can become necessary to living in these cases. To remove suffering from one who has incorporated it into their identity can be traumatizing. As therapies go most are unsuccessful in the healing of trauma. Even releasing the past and living in the now is a great challenge since traumatic memory is embedded in the cells of the body, therefore can be activated beyond the control of consciousness. The trauma must be released from our physical form as well as our emotional and mental states. Trauma is not held on the soul level, on the soul level all events are merely memory.

There are a great many people who suffer from trauma of the past, almost everyone on Earth! Spirit brings multitudes of ways to help release suffering that will empower the individual to live in the now. What is up to the person is choosing what they are willing and ready to part with. The cause of your suffering need not be known, the source of your pain need not be understood. Instead, simply asking through prayer, a plea, or humble request to Spirit for relief, is all that is needed to relieve you. Ask spirit, ask for the healing angels, ask for help from those on the other side who love and help you every day without your knowledge. Then let your suffering go. Spirit knows how to release it, when to release it, and what is the most beneficial and the least difficult to be released and therefore, what can be healed right now. Spirit is at your service to heal all you have that causes your pain and suffering. Allow them to step in to help you in every way.

Why Psychics Don’t Win The Lottery


Working with Spirit provides incredible information on everything! When we are aligned with our guides through the intention and integrity of upholding the sacred laws we are given wonderful gifts of wisdom and truth not accessible to most people. We can do miraculous things and get mindblowing insights. Yet the big question remains:

Why don’t they get the winning lottery numbers?

This question is on the minds of skeptics and psychics alike. I will do the short answer here but for a more thorough exploration of this question and on how psychic energy works go to my Patreon for the podcast:

For now, here is a (very short) list of reasons:

  1. The guides give us information to serve our highest good and the highest good of the client. You may believe it is in your highest good to have millions, yet, is it really? Even if your vision of being rich means that you can be the world’s greatest philanthropist and give to all the best causes, it may not be the best utilization of your talents, and what you give to the world as you work in life is of greater value than money.
  2. Spirit is unconcerned with money. That means that Spirit sees no benefit with having a great deal of money. If it does not benefit you in some way Spirit will not provide it.
  3. We only receive what will help us on our path of life. For most of us, our life is an adventure of exploration and unique experiences put forth by using ingenuity and their guidance. We may not be so motivated to live up to our potential if we don’t have money as a motivator.

Think of the ways in which money motivates your daily experience. Think of the good you do in your job and for the people you encounter daily. You may not know them if you had a great deal of money.

Money means security in an insecure world. We want money so we don’t worry about our survival. We want to win the lottery just to breathe a sigh of relief and release our survival fears. But money doesn’t really release our fears. We can only release our fears when we deal with them. Instead of thinking that the lottery might solve your problems, ask Spirit to help you feel secure and abundant every day!




Your Relationship with Spirit


Relationships are complicated. What do the people in your life, whom you love and who love you, want from you? How do you accommodate or deny the demands of your significant others? What would happen if you didn’t call your mother back or remember your partner’s birthday? For most of us, these examples would be the highest form of disrespect and would be unthinkable. Why is that? Why can’t we love and be loved without expectation? We can’t because we are human beings who are programmed to be in reciprocal relationship societies for survival. We help each other out in our communities, families and so on as has been done for thousands of years to survive. We are hard-wired to call our mothers back and to treat those we love with special attention and favor. If we get out of line we will be shamed and may have guilt over our actions. Societies have used guilt and shame to maintain order and thrive for eons.

Guilt and shame can serve a purpose. For emotionally healthy people it is rare to have those feelings or worry about being shamed by someone you love.  For those raised in dysfunctional environments shame and guilt are used by abusers as tools to control the victim this causes an underlying programming that is unhealthy and creates more unhealthy relationships in adulthood. The avoidance of guilt and shame become the main motivators for relationship behavior in dysfunctional relationships.

We have so many types of relationships in our lives parents, siblings, friends, extended family, co-workers and each one can be different. To know how a relationship stands think about the last time you called someone back; did you call them because you would love to talk to them or did you call them because you would feel guilty if you didn’t?

Think about the unconscious ways in which you relate to people. Even if we have loving and balanced relationships there are reciprocal expectations and we live within these expectations so easily that our role in the relationship is second nature. We don’t even notice how we cater to the demands in a relationship or how we live under a threat of guilt and shame by not fulfilling our role in the name of love.

Our relationship with Spirit is different, but for those beginning on their path to working with the heavenly realms, it may not seem so. As we start our work with Spirit we transfer our usual expectations and behaviors in human relationships to our Guides. We automatically think of it as a reciprocal relationship, because that is what we are hard-wired for. We can feel guilty if we don’t follow the advice of our guides, we can worry that we are not communicating with them enough, we can even believe that they need our attention or else they will stop communicating with us and punish us.

The first time I channeled my Guide the power of unconditional, pure, divine love filled me so completely I cried in big sobs. This gave me an understanding that reprogrammed me to know the power of this love as not being demanding or reciprocal, it just is. No matter what I do, no matter if I follow Spirit’s advice or never speak to them again – it is always there for me no matter what. I need do nothing to be there for them, I need not do anything they ask of me, and they don’t need my love in return. They don’t need me to be sin-free, they do not need me to try harder, to do better, or to be anything but what I want to be. I do what I choose because I want to, I listen when I want to, and I ignore them when I want to, and they are totally fine with that.

You do not have to be special or do anything for them to get the help, love, guidance, wisdom, and miracles you desire. All you need to do is ask. This is not a complicated relationship. This is joyfully easy.

The Truth of You

The wisdom of Spirit has subtle sweetness as a quiet loving voice barely noticeable in the mind. It is easily ignored and brushed aside by the powerful demands of the ego or the negative programming of youth. Yet it is there, it is always there. The softness of the energy takes great sensitivity to be aware of, but most have found that quieting the mind in meditation allows this voice to be heard. Yet, it comes through not just meditation but when the mind is at rest, like doing the dishes, taking a shower, or driving a car. Insights can come through as the mind is relaxed and we have a moment of clarity about a problem or a question that has been troubling us.

Spirit makes itself known in quiet ways through our intuition and is available to everyone. Yet some of us want a more interactive and profound experience with this mysterious force. If we ask for Spirit to guide our lives and allow the voice to come through more clearly and powerfully things begin to change in unexpected ways.

In our youth, we develop our ego and in our young adulthood, we base many of our choices based on the desires of the ego for success, status and so on. We may choose our careers on what ego wants, as well as our spouse and our lifestyle. Then we begin to have an awakening, a change in perspective sometimes precipitated by an event that cannot be reasonably explained. We become curious and want to explore the power within and the power of Spirit. Once we see a miracle it is difficult to ignore it, so we start to explore what it is, what the unseen force of life is, where the wisdom comes from and how we can use that wisdom to guide our lives. We ask to know Spirit and ask Spirit to be the guiding force in our lives. Then things change.

Spirit does not have the same desires as the ego. Spirit has no regard for the opinion of others. Spirit cares not for status or recognition. All things that are built by the ego are dismantled by Spirit. To be guided by Spirit we must release attachment to all things of the ego, and the ego is very attached to many things. When we choose to follow the path of Spirit we leave behind all that we thought we were to find the truth of who we are. Following the path of Spirit requires a letting go of attachment sometimes this can be a dramatic and painful experience. If it is important to our ego to have the status of an important job, but the spirit wishes to express itself as a creative force the transition to that could be hard if you are conflicted about letting go the ego job. Sometimes this manifests as being fired, losing financial status or even broken relationships. It may even feel like you are being punished by Spirit, but it is a realignment with what is true. It is making way for you to find your power. It is opening the pathway to walking with the Light. It is only transitional and once the path of Spirit is your way, you shall co-create a new life following the wisdom of divinity, a new life-based in love instead of fear, a new life with the power of All That Is within you.

A whole and powerful you shall emerge with ecstatic joy.


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A New Beginning

The world of Spirit is vastly different than the mundane world which is ruled by ego. When we agree to allow Spirit to guide our life and we begin to make choices through Spirit everything changes. All it takes is a simple request. Just asking Spirit to guide you is enough for change to take place.  I asked Spirit to guide me and all I do to serve my highest good and lead me on the path to my highest potential. I asked this many years ago, and I keep asking.

Before that prayer many years ago, my choices and my life were ruled by what my ego wants. My ego feared, and judged, and worried all the time. My ego fussed over everything and was deeply wounded and angry. My ego wanted money, status and fed my vanity. So, when I made my prayer in humility and gratitude for Spirit to guide me, it began to change everything. That prayer was an activator. My ego was not going away it was only going to the side to do what a healthy ego does, create identity to help me understand the difference between me and another which is needed to function on Earth.

All those years before I made that prayer I had an unhealthy ego. An unhealthy ego raises a person up with arrogance or diminishes a person with low self-esteem. When the ego rules it exercises its power over you by limiting your perception (judgment) holding on to the past (emotional wounds) and keeping you enthralled with illusion (us versus them). This can create great suffering and the ego loves suffering! The ego also loves to be in charge. Therefore, when I made that prayer many years ago I also started a great battle with ego. I had to face down every fear I had, I had to question every belief and perception I held, and I had to dig deep to find the trust and faith in Spirit. Trust and faith in Spirit is the last thing the ego wants, and it fought my trust and faith with many arguments, many tantrums, many reasons why I was delusional to trust in Spirit. Through that time my life became very difficult, I had cancer, my mother died, and I went through a divorce all at once. And I was only just beginning.

It has been almost 20 years since I made that prayer and every day is a reaffirmation of it. It is much easier now but still sometimes challenging to trust in Spirit and continue my path of faith. Yet faith is the only way miracles can come, and I love miracles.

I’m offering guidance in co-creation with my guide for those who have chosen the path of Spirit. Let us walk together. Join me on Patreon for my podcast and let’s make miracles!

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Beyond Belief

(This writing is part of a series of talks on the Law of Reflection given by Master White Eagle, Spirit Guide, as channeled through Janet Blessings. LIVE discussion starts Thursday, March 22, see link HERE.)

The Law of Reflection


Beyond Belief




      The Law of Reflection states that everything we think or do comes back to us, it is reflected in our world our experiences and our relationships. Think of the universe as a mirror. We use a mirror to see ourselves. All of our experiences, creations, thoughts, and feelings are an expression of ourselves and show us who we are. And we are part of the wonderful expression of the Divine in its quest to know itself. The Divine wants to see itself, to know itself, to understand itself. Therefore, Divinity split apart and became everything. It became the sound of rain in a puddle, it became a seashell, it became a cool breeze, it became galaxies and planets, and it became you. The Law of Reflection allows you to see yourself. It is a wonderful gift to know oneself. As you learn about you, Divinity sees itself. This concept can be a hall of mirrors if we continue along this path because, as you are getting to know yourself through the Law of Reflection, so are all the others around you, who are also a reflection of yourself and you are a reflection of them, and you are a reflection of Divinity and Divinity is a reflection of you. This concept can make us a bit dizzy and in order to keep our lives in a reality of our choosing, we have belief.

Belief is what we construct our world on. What we believe is what is possible for us. What we believe we see. In truth the term “seeing is believing” is upside down. We only see what we can believe. Which means that we cannot see what we cannot believe. True die-hard atheists will never have a spiritual awakening because their belief will not allow for Spirit to work in their lives. Even if a miracle occurs they will not acknowledge it as such. It can be explained away in order for the experience to comply to their belief. This is why there are multiple explanations for every single occurrence in life. Each explanation is an example of the belief system created by the believer. On the flip side If you believe demons can influence you, your experiences will reflect that belief. If you believe someone in your life is bad, a co-worker, a friend or a family member, all that they do is viewed through this lens of belief. What if you turned that around and changed your belief? What if you agreed to believe they were good? How does this challenge you? How does this make you feel about yourself and can you change that belief? If it is not possible for you to believe someone who is stealing from your workplace is good, then how does that belief become a reflection of you? How has the construction of that belief made your reality true?

What we know to be true in our lives is validated by our experiences. Our experiences are a reflection of who we think we are and our belief systems. If we think we are all powerful, then our experiences will reflect that. If we think we are unworthy our experiences will reflect that. This seems quite simplistic, yet it holds a great deal of nuance and is quite complex when applied to an understanding of the levels of consciousness, the ego, the spirit and the physical world.

Working with the Law of Reflection asks us to be observant of our beliefs and asks us to suspend them, so we can go beyond belief. Going beyond belief is a powerful tool to expand consciousness, dive deep into self-awareness and bring about miraculous changes in your life. It takes a great deal of mastery to challenge your beliefs, for most of us cling to them as a life-preserver in a violent ocean storm. Yet we say let go of belief and float on the current, struggling to hang on to something that is not assisting you, is a great deal of wasted energy.

Belief gives your reality structure, yet this structure, for the person wishing to expand consciousness and understand how to work with Spirit, can be confining and limiting. You cannot understand Spirit by clinging to belief and make any progress. You will bob in the midst of the storm clinging to that life-preserver and kicking your feet only to stay in the same spot and perishing in the storm. Whereas if you let go to float on the current, it can take you out of the storm to calm waters and you may even find a land where all your needs are met, joy is abundant, and love is in all things.

Belief has deep roots in our consciousness on a personal level and deep roots in our collective consciousness. This journey going beyond belief is not an easy one. One reason is because it challenges the ego, and as we know, when the ego is challenged it fights back. It will not let go of the life-preserver without a very big fight. Therefore, we must demonstrate to the ego how belief is holding it back and negotiate our way into letting go. We will not let go of belief in a way that will remove all structure from our lives, we are only changing it from being solid to transparent, so we may easily see through our belief and go into the heart of the Truth. Once we see the Truth we find peace and can allow Spirit to show us a new potential reality.

Let us ease our way into discovering some of your beliefs that have created a reality that no longer serves you and even confines your existence. Think about your job or the profession you would like to have. Then think about all the people you know of or have heard of who have succeeded or failed at that profession. How have their examples influenced your belief about how you may succeed or fail at this job? What is the belief hidden behind that belief?

Let us think of examples in the Spiritual world. We often think of Spiritual people as impoverished like a monk who has taken a vow of poverty, but then we also see televangelist preachers as millionaires. How do both of those examples influence your view of spirituality without you even knowing it? Which do you judge as righteous and which do you judge as wrong? When we step onto the spiritual path we are choosing which example of spirituality we want to live on an unconscious level. For most of us, being a monk is not an option just as being a televangelist is not an option, but they influence the belief of what is the right approach and what is the wrong approach. Is the spiritual path affluent or is it impoverished? There is virtue to each path, no matter what our judgments may be. To distinguish and understand them helps us to find how our belief of the spiritual path will influence our abundance. The vow of poverty belief is a tradition of giving up worldly goods in the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment. “Worldly goods” in this case means all the things of ego. The monk must release these in order to free his egoic attachment to the material world. It is a good practice to find humility and peace, and it works some of the time. Sometimes the vow of poverty in itself can be a badge of honor for the ego and is not a true gesture of humility and service to Spirit. The millionaire preacher takes a different approach. He or she may say that God rewards through material gains, those who are devoted to Him. If we are right with God, then we get things. Sometimes this is true, but our being right with God is dependent on not following the demands of the ego, and the ego is very attached to the status of the material world. Those who find status by being rich are being driven by ego, not by Spirit. Being spiritual is following the guidance of spirit, following the heart, listening to intuition and being in humble gratitude for all you have and even grateful for that which you do not have.

Both examples of spirituality play their part in our unconscious belief of how we will be rewarded or not by following the spiritual path. Take some time to evaluate your belief and see how it helps or hinders your progress. If you are devoted to traveling through your life by following Spirit’s guidance and being of service to the highest good, then you must be aware that the things that feed the ego will not be supported by Spirit. Whether it is making a show of your poverty or making a show of your affluence, both are ego-bound. Spirit will never feed your vanity and gifts from Spirit are unconditional. When we manifest with Spirit it comes with true heartfelt gratitude, humility and only at your request. This is a Truth and not a belief. As we go beyond belief we find the truth.

If we can evaluate all of our beliefs as we have here with spirituality, then we can get to the truth and have access to the brilliance of the universe in a way that helps us to become Masters in our own right.

In order to comprehend the power of the Law of Reflection and even utilize it to expand your being, knowing the belief systems you hold and allowing for them to evolve and in some cases disintegrate will serve you very well.

The power of belief is used by the ego very effectively. This is how people with no spiritual awareness can manifest easily. They believe! And what they believe is real, either in their mind or in actuality. Belief is a very powerful tool. It is often used by the ego to stay in power. Belief is sometimes used as a synonym for faith, but it is quite the opposite. Faith allows belief controls. Those who are controlled by their beliefs are in an ego state. It is not religion, nor governments, nor economics that move people to violence and war, it is belief. Those who control what people believe control the world. This is why propaganda is a powerful tool for those in power, for advertisers and religions. Take one belief you have and ask yourself what would it be like if the opposite was true and observe how you feel, observe how your mind and body fight it. What if someone you believe is doing bad things is actually doing good things? If you can suspend belief long enough to consider this, then you may be able to see good things that came from the actions of the ‘bad’ person. Then you can see how your judgments based on your belief are misguided and you can release judgment and activate spiritual awareness. Practicing this with all your beliefs will help to release you from their power.

What we believe is not what is true. The Truth needs no belief, the Truth comes with a knowing that creates peace in the heart. We need not believe in the Truth, just like we need not believe in a tree, it just is. If you are fighting for the Truth put down your arms and be at peace. To seek the truth is to battle what you believe at every turn, and this takes strength of heart, courage and a great deal of faith.

Since the Law of Reflection shows us that the universe is a mirror and what is within our consciousness is being played out in our experiences, then being aware of our beliefs and mastering them, will allow us to live in the world we hope for and not the world created by the illusion of the ego.

There is much more to speak on to take us beyond belief and find the understanding to have mastery of the Law of Reflection. We will discuss more in our Law of Reflection class on Thursday.


The Cosmic YES!



The Cosmic YES ~ from White Eagle


If we were to personify the universe, she would be a Fairy Godmother always granting wishes. Every wish, all the time. She has no judgment or fear of the consequences. She does not regulate what is wished for nor who is doing the wishing. If it is asked it is granted. The nature of the Universe is expansive and experiential. The Universe wants to have every experience it can ever have. The Universe has experiences through you, so everything to this Fairy Godmother sounds like an interesting experience, therefore, she is always game. Whether it is wealth or poverty, whether it is hardship or joy, whether it is tragedy or celebration, count her in.

There is an absence of the negative in the universe. This Fairy Godmother has no concept of the word ‘no’.  No does not exist in her realm. As they say, the Universe abhors a vacuum. This is mostly true, the Universe is a constant creative force, therefore, things that are counter to that force, like the word ‘no’, cannot exist in this expansive reality.

In Spirit, we too, behave as the Fairy Godmother behaves, we are all for any experience you desire. We will grant any wish, assist in any task, help you do or have anything you desire. We must follow the Law of Abundance and the creative force of the Cosmic YES to the letter. Unless you ask otherwise or in some way stop us from granting your wish.

Think of having all your wishes fulfilled instantly. Every word and thought instantly manifest into your reality. Who have you wished dead? Who have you wished harm to? Who has wished you dead? Who has wished you harm? If you grew up with a sibling, you can see how problematic this reality would be. If this reality of the Earthly realm allowed the Fairy Godmother to rule, we would have a wild and crazy life, and it may not last very long.

There are two forces that protect us from instant manifestation. One is the slow moving heavy energy of the physical world. It takes time for a flower to bloom, it takes time for a baby to gestate, it takes time for humans to create their reality. We in Spirit know that this time between asking and getting is a wonderful pause that allows for you to consider a different wish or redefine your desires. This time allows you to be clear in knowing what you want, why you want it and how it would look if you have it. If you wanted to build a house think of all the planning that goes in to it before the first nail is placed. Decisions on location, size, design, permits, purchases and so on all must be completed for the house to be built in this reality. During those planning stages, your mind may change several times and the house may look nothing like the original vision you had. Think of every wish you have as though you are building a house. Are you sure you want it in that neighborhood? Are you sure you like that style? Define your wish. If there is something you have been longing for, consider all the ways in which it would change your life and if you are truly wanting that change. The pause is the gift of time from your higherself and unconscious asking you “are you sure”? If it is a long time between wish and fulfillment there is a greater barrier to getting it than you are consciously aware, and much soul searching will be needed.

The second force which slows down manifestation is ego. If the world were dominated by Spirit and not ego, then the pause would be almost non-existent. The world consciousness is dominated by ego and ego dominates by fear. Since we have a dominance of fear on the planet the time delay in creating what we fear is great for our own self-preservation. This works to our favor in an upside-down kind of way. Fear is the ultimate power of manifestation dominating this world. Think of all the times your fears have come into your reality. We unconsciously manifest our fears all the time. The slowness of the manifestation of our reality works to our benefit so we don’t constantly manifest our fears. If you fear spiders, you have time to face and overcome your fear before a spider comes into your reality. If spiders are already invading your reality it is an opportunity to face your fear and go beyond it. When the spiders no longer are part of your world you have overcome your fear.  It when looking at it this way it helps you to understand the workings of consciousness and the power of manifestation through fear.

Fear and judgment are related, for what we judge we also fear. If we judge the poor as being less-than we are creating that reality for ourselves. We are creating poverty. Your judgment is creating your world, and the good news is you have lots of time to work through your judgment before it comes into reality. The process of manifestation through judgment goes like this – we may ask about the homeless man: “how did someone get like this?”.  The Universe will answer your question first by showing you a story of a homeless person. If, after getting that answer to your question, you still think “how could that happen?”, the Universe will answer the question again. Perhaps you will meet someone who was homeless and hear their story. If, after that, you still have no understanding or compassion you may think “Well! That could never happen to me!” or something of that nature. Then slowly over time you may lose your job, your home, your family and end up homeless. This happened not just with the words but also because you first felt judgment so deep when you asked the question “how could that happen?”. The Universe answered several times and gave you many opportunities to have understanding and open the gateway to compassion until the only answer it could provide was to give you the experience itself.

Compassion and acceptance keep us from creating a reality through judgment and fear, which in turn opens the gateway to manifest joyful blessings in abundance.

We shall speak more on this during class.

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Traumatic Psychic Experiences in Childhood

And how to move beyond them to embrace the wonderful gifts of Spirit…


It is pretty common for people who had psychic abilities at a young age to be afraid of their gifts. Many who have encountered a ghost, spirit or alien have been very afraid and have shut the door on the connection to Spirit. We are taught, openly or unconsciously that these are scary things and we have no power over them and that if we are not careful we will be possessed or controlled by them.

I am going to tell you a simple yet powerful truth. You have all the power when it comes to the encounters you have with Spirit or any other-worldly entity. Why? Because your life is yours, your environment is under your domain. No one who is not of this world can have any power unless you give it to them. No spirit, entity, alien, or even God, can have power over you. They only are around you by your permission and belief. If you feel that they have a mysterious power that can control you, that is permission. When you own the power over your life, you may have some who test it, but all that is needed is to tell them to leave. It really is that simple. If you are afraid that they won’t leave when you tell them to, then you are still afraid they have more power than you. So I repeat YOU have the power.

I’m going to tell you another simple truth. Your Spirit Guides have to live by Sacred Law, in order to be of service to us. One of those Sacred Laws is that they cannot make us afraid. It is forbidden for our Guides, those in service of loving support for us at all times, to make us feel fear. This Sacred Law is the Law of Love. They come to us in love and teach us through love, not fear. So most guides are very quiet in the background to keep from causing fear. If your encounters with spirit cause you fear then it is not your Spirit Guide, it would be something else that is pretending to be your guide. Your guide will also, never tell you what to do – the Law of Acceptance – which means they cannot interfere with your life without your request. You must ask them for help, advice, and guidance for them to provide it. Your guides also do not judge you or make you feel bad about yourself for anything. They are complete and total unconditional love at all times, no matter what you do, think or feel. They love and support you at all times, in all ways and they can and will never promote, shame, fear or guilt. If any encounter you have ever had made you feel any of those things, it was not your guide.

You can ask your Spirit Guide for anything you need or want and they will help you within the parameters of your belief and the Sacred Laws. It is hard to get over a scary childhood encounter that left you feeling powerless and afraid of being psychic. So if you need help in feeling safe in building your psychic senses ask your guide to keep you protected at all times from any energy, entity, spirit or being that is not there to serve your highest good and support you in love. And ask that they help you at all times to feel safe and loved. This is a very powerful practice and will help you to build your trust in them and feel safe in growing your connection to them. Ask this anytime you feel doubtful, afraid or uneasy and watch how this shifts the energy around you and how much more secure you feel in working with them.

How Your Guides Help You

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How Your Guides Help You


When you are open to assistance from Spirit, your Guides and Angels can help you in miraculous ways. 

How do they help?

  • Spirit is the ultimate creator of all things in the Universe!
  • Spirit created every single thing – even YOU!
  • Since Spirit is the ultimate creator, Spirit can give you what you need when you need it. 
  • Your Guides and Angels are your personal helpers in Spirit
  • All you have to do is ask them!
  • Then let them handle it – this is the tricky part…


Some of us need a little help in letting go… So we can ask Spirit for that too!


What can they help you with?

  • Healing
  • Manifestation
  • Relationships
  • Miracles


How do you ask Spirit for help?

  • Prayer
  • Candles
  • Altars and Ceremony
  • Writing
  • Visioning




What Your Spirit Guides Want You To Know About Them


It’s kind of hard to imagine someone who is looking out for you 24/7. Always by your side, always there to help you in any way you wish. Your own fairy godmother, genie in a lamp, muse, guardian angel and confidential friend. Spirit Guides are all of those and more. They are in your life all the time with no other purpose, agenda, or intention but to help you along your way in life. They serve you all the time, whether you know it or not.

They guide us by offering insight, inspiration, wisdom, healing, and protection and ask for nothing in return. Many of us enter the spiritual path with the idea to be of service to Spirit, but the truth is Spirit is in service to us. They do not require that we do anything for them. What do they need? Nothing! They are in the heavenly realms and have instant manifestation and all their needs are taken care of always. They do not need us to even be good. They help us unconditionally. We need not act a certain way or behave in an enlightened manner, we do not need to be saints or prophets, we do not need to be anything than what we are to be blessed with their help. We do not need to be deserving of help, we do not need to be a better person, we do not need to have a higher vibration, we do not need to be sin free. Spirit will help anyone who is willing to receive help. Anyone at any time, for any reason. All we have to do is ask.

Yet, we struggle. We have found the magic lamp and have trouble with our wishes being granted. We are Cinderella weeping in rags by the fireside bereft of hope. Although the Guides help us all the time it may not feel like it. Although Spirit is here to grant our wishes we are still unable to figure out the magic words to coax the genie from the lamp. Although Spirit needs nothing from us to grant our wishes we need to do a great deal to receive them. We need to be open, receptive, allowing, and the hardest part is letting go of control and expectation. This requires that our ego take a back seat and to let Spirit drive the car. A very scary proposition for most of us.

The ego struggles to let go of the wheel, but when occasionally it releases it’s grip miracles happen. We are in the flow of Spirit’s guidance we are in trust, humility, gratitude and harmony with all of life. When ego is in control we are in doubt, fear, anxiety and conflict. What can help us to allow Spirit to be our guide through life? The answer is Spirit! When we open to their messages and begin to speak with them and can receive their communications they can help us get over the ego and create a life of harmony and joy.

If you could ask the genie what the magic words are then you are set!

There are many different ways Spirit speaks to us. Through signs, visions, dreams, intuition, and imagination. When I teach how to channel we are taking the direct approach. We are opening the connection to speak with them directly. This is a very powerful experience that effects great change in our lives. During the interaction with the guides most feel a great warmth, some feel tingling, some feel a powerful love, some get a healing. It is always a blessing and it is always a gift that will bring more gifts throughout your life.

I hope you will join us by beginning the New Year with Spirit at the wheel gently guiding you to make your every wish come true!

Our online video course starts Thursday, January 4th at 6:30pm-8pm via Zoom. This is a video course, but you can also just use your phone. We will gather for 4 Thursdays to channel our guides and get their help in the most direct manner possible! Sign up here: