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From White Eagle 10.09.08


Our Mother Shifts


Deep awakening


Birth time emerging


Let fall binds of fear


Allow emergence of creation




Potential, Evolution, Wholeness


New World Complete


These are not just fancy words put forth to make you feel better about the collapse of institutions, this is the reality of life progression.


A desire becomes a creation when fully realized, so too comes a time of peace as we live in harmony with this evolution.


Disregard the habit of fear. Find the center of peace in you to embrace the changes. Some of you are already feeling the profound peace as others panic. You may wonder at it. “Why am I not worried?” You think to yourself.


This is because you are among those who have prayed for peace, who have been called to lead the way in our evolution, who have been carrying the knowing that humanity has been assigned to carry out better things.


You have a knowing deep in your heart that we are to live in a world of compassion and co-operation, to live in harmony instead of competition. This is the way you have created and you are only just beginning.



Consciously aware of it or not you have been living a life to co-create a new reality on Earth. Yet there is much more to be done and we are anxious to work with you on a conscious level.


We are very desirous to put forth more information, deeper wisdom and creative enlightenment. We are desirous to help you live through this tide of change with joy instead of fear.  


We encourage you to connect to spirit to consciously be a part of the next steps in evolution.


Now is the time to choose your path with visioning awareness instead of unconscious dreaming. We must co-create the wholeness together with you as an active partner.


There are many different ways to do this, many different ways to wake up and be the creator that you are.


Visualization, meditation, ceremony, prayer, intuitive acumen, journey, talking to your Angels, Masters and Guides, oracle readings.


Allow these things in your life to accept your role in this new world.


Receive the guidance we offer you without doubt or discouragement.


Know that your every action and thought can bring a world of peace into being.


You are not doing this alone, we are helping you.


Use your knowing to listen for the inspiration we offer in unconditional Love to move forward effortlessly. Your safety is assured, we are here to offer the help you have been praying for.


















You are the Light of my Heart,

White Eagle



How to Have Miracles Daily



The other night I had a conversation with a new acquaintance. When I told him what I did for a living, he wondered why any one would want to learn psychic ability. Seeing it from his eyes – I wondered too! (That’s my empathic ability coming in, I can easily adopt the energy and feel the opinions of those around me.) He thought that people were just born with it and that was that. In his opinion he didn’t see the use for it in everyday life.


I told him about the wonders of psychic ability and being connected to Spirit energy, but I was not at all satisfied with my answer. Later on I reflected on the question as I saw it through his eyes, and asked my guides to answer the question and make it clear to me. I wanted them to show me a practical applicable reason to be psychic. Why would any regular person want to grow intuitively? Is it practical? Is it a waste of time? Is it just another self-help answer with no substance?


Today I got my answer. I just got off the phone with a friend who is also a part-time medium. She couldn’t wait to tell me the news! She has been taking voice lessons and it has been a struggle for her over the past few months. She has been going for her dream but not feeling she has any natural ability as a singer. She’d show up at her voice lessons thinking that she was kidding herself. She knew she was showing up as a person who couldn’t sing, but couldn’t shake the belief. Then, over the past week, something miraculous happened. She let Spirit flow in her life. She started to allow her guides to help her, and her ability began a new evolution.  


They told her that as long as she is pretending that she is a person who cannot sing, why not pretend she is a great opera singer? A new Spirit Guide appeared as a dark Italian beautiful woman with a French accent. This new Guide taught her to step aside and get out of her own way. “Breathe, Cherie, let Spirit ride on your breath,” this beautiful Spirit prompted. With this coaching and more gentle wisdom from this mysterious dark Diva, my friend was able to release ego, struggle and attachment. Her voice suddenly had the purity and emotion she had longed for. Her teacher was amazed. She was amazed. Her teacher wanted to know what happened, how did this change occur? Her explanation told how Spirit had miraculously helped her in fulfilling her dream.


In a few short days, my friend captured the talent she thought she lacked. She trusted, she listened, she allowed the miracle to manifest. Her Guides answered her prayers! She developed her mediumship through patience, trust and love and – because she learned to listen to Spirit – she was blessed with a miracle and realized her dream.


The miracle I received was that my question was answered with a story that I could share, and any one can relate to. What is it that you want in your life- a beautiful garden, a happy relationship, a healthy body, to paint a masterpiece, to sing an aria, or just keep up a clean house? After few short simple lessons one of my students wrote an entire book by channeling her guide- and she’s already writing more!


I am happy to help you live your dreams, receive your miracles and help you to let Spirit be your Guide. With simple instruction any one can connect with their guides – even you!


May you live your Miracles!


Janet Lightstone



How I Met Yeoshua, by Melinda

Back in January of this year (2008), I challenged the universe to show me that it really did work like the movie, The Matrix. I wanted to see amazing and unbelievable things happen in my life that wouldn’t happen to anyone normally. I wanted to see if you set intentions (which I wrote down instead of New Year’s Resolutions or Goals) for the year and opened up myself to every possibility or potential, what would happen? What if I opened my mind up to anything happening in my life? I wanted the universe to prove to me that this was the way it worked. Well, you might want to be careful what you wish for. I was thinking something amazing would be winning the lottery, for example. Ahh–that would have been so much simpler but would not really have proved what I wanted proven. No, the universe had more in mind than that. And I’m so glad.

I began working with Janet Lightstone of the Lightstone Academy of Psychics to hone my skills as a psychic. This felt like my next step in addition to setting wild intentions. I started working with Janet and let’s just say that I think I moved through the curriculum at a quick pace. And then I gave my Mom a psychic reading and someone (an entity or spirit) started speaking though me. I did not recognize who it was but the information was profound for me and my mom. It was amazing. I felt so light and happy. The next week, I was working with Janet and telling her about my experience when she suddenly said, “You are going to channel Jesus, aren’t you?” By this time, I had some suspicions that this might be the case but that’s just not something you go around telling people, you know? I told Janet that I had come to this same conclusion. So, in her Janet way, she said, “Let’s channel him right now then and see what happens.” It’s so funny because with Janet, there’s no time to say no or to think about your next move or even to get nervous. You just go for the ride and see what happens. It’s OK if you fail and it’s OK if you succeed. It’s sort of like being on an adventure together.

So, I channeled Yeoshua and he spoke using my voice. It was not a full body channel because I was aware of everything being said and was conscious of my body and whereabouts. It was amazing. Janet had some great questions up her sleeve that I could not really answer as Melinda. But as Yeoshua, he loved sharing about these things and went on and on about them. I was amazed. He left us after about 10 minutes because I had grown tired. His energy and light was like liquid gold. It felt so good to channel him. I was flabberghasted and completely freaked out. Janet was excited and accepted it with great aplumb. We set our appointment for our next session. I hung up and was excited and freaked out all at once.

I had challenged the universe and this was its response. How much more unbelievable and amazing could that get, right? That was pretty far out there. But that’s how he came to me at first. The universe very clearly responds to our intentions and our challenges.

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In the light of the emerging sun we commune together. Revealing our hearts to you and filling up the day with unending potential. See how the morning emerges from dark to gray to light. The sky changes too; an endless void of darkness emerges into a healing blue of vast potential.


We reveal ourselves in the light, and the inspiration hidden deep within, that sometimes we hide even from ourselves, emerges from the unseen to the celebrated. Ideas are born this way. A simple seed of thought sparks unseen in the darkness of the void within you. You can nurture this seed and watch it grow to fullness with the smallest attention and effort; for seeds grow mainly on their own. You need not do much but bring it to the light. Ideas can move mountains.


 Jesus said: “if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.”


Consider revealing your next inspiration and bringing it to the light. Watch it spark the desire in all of us and see the mountain move. You needn’t do much to allow this seed to grow, write it, speak it, sing it, or chant it. Feel the potential of it growing. Ride the wave of the energy as it gets stronger. Follow the current as it takes on momentum. Delight in the wonder of creation. Celebrate the creator in you.


There is no need to worry about how long with will take or how it will happen, your tending to the idea is all that is necessary. It knows how to grow and how long it should take. These are not your concerns. You are only nurturing and attending to it. Be patient, attentive, and nurturing before you know it your mountain will move of its own accord.


May your seeds find their way to the light!



White Eagle


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When Spirit Guides Are Wrong

Many professional well-known psychics have been mislead by their Guides. When your Guides are wrong consider the following as a new perspective on the messages you are getting from your Guides. 

Sometimes even White Eagle doesn’t give me the real deal, but when that happens I know it is because it serves me on a different level then just getting an answer to predict the future. 

When I discover that what my Guide told me didn’t occur then I remember my intention. My intention in all cases when reading for myself and others is to receive messages that help us to reach our highest potential. And that intention is my fail safe that keeps the messages coming in with clarity from the highest beings of light. I know when am doing a reading I am going up the road to actualization and empowerment. But, that doesn’t mean I get the actual true picture, the Guides are tricky that way.

Probable reasons for not getting the real deal from your Guides:

1. You are becoming too dependent on their answers and are not checking in with your own intuition to validate. Check with your heart center and the Tarot to get clarity. That is why when we first start training we do the intuitive reading first, then check with Guides. If your intuitive answer is different, then the ‘wrong’ message was a lesson in personal empowerment. 

2. The outcome they predict could be wrong, but they have shown you the outcome you desire to keep your vibration high to manifest the outcome you are wanting.

3. They don’t know. The future hasn’t happened yet! The outcome is still not for sure, so they make their best guess. They have a great perspective. They can see further down the road than we can, but when there are potholes in the road there is a question as to – if we will see it and swerve in a new direction, or if it will cause a flat tire, or if it will not effect us at all. They do their best to answer the question with all the probabilities considered. 

4. Our belief system will only allow in certain information. Think of your mental attitudes and beliefs as a box. Even when we are very open minded we still do not have the expanded consciousness to accept all Truth from Spirit, our box is too small for that. So they give us part truths or semi truths to expand our box of beliefs, but it may not be the whole picture. They give us messages that will help empower us to expanded awareness through those beliefs.

5. Consider how you asked the question and if the question was clear. They can be very literal. Be certain that you are asking a question that will get you the answer you are looking for. If you want to know when you are getting a pay raise and the answer is “Monday,” Then Monday comes and goes and there is no pay raise, you may want to ask which Monday they are referring to!

Our Guides are compassionate, loving beings whose messages raise our vibrations and expand our awareness. The messages are not for intellectual dissection, but for personal empowerment and healing. I know that no matter what White Eagle says during a channel the shift in awareness is happening, healing is activated and we are co-creating a joyful path on Earth.



How to Find Your Car Keys

Some Academy members have trouble believing they are psychic because they don’t ‘see’ things. Many are feelers – their intuitive sense works by feeling which is called empathic ability.
Empaths can feel other people’s emotions. They can feel when some one they love is thinking of them or angry with them. They can feel the energy of a room and most don’t like being in crowded places and have frequent emotional ups and downs. If you have these experiences then you too may be an empath.
To me empathic ability is the most profound of the psychic gifts. Being able to feel an answer in the body provides the validation and assurance that psychics need to be confident in their answers.
Learning how your empathic ability works to get answers is the challenge for many empaths, but it’s really easy!
You can use your empathic ability to navigate your way through an unfamiliar neighborhood, feel if some one is lying to you  or even find your car keys.
Let me show you how to find your car keys:
Sit in the room where you think the keys are, breathe, get centered and release the anxiety of being late etc. Then ask to feel on your body what direction the keys are. You may feel a slight pressure. Then go in the direction of the pressure to the correlating place in the room. For example: if you feel a pressure in your left shoulder look in the direction your left shoulder is pointing towards (lets say it’s a bookshelf). Go to the bookshelf and you either see your keys or will be called to move something that is covering them. You will find them. I have found lots of stuff this way. Your body, your empathic ability, is the most reliable thing there is!
Try this on any object and you will be amazed at the results!
Janet Lightstone

March 20, 2008


The Power of Trust


Trust is a knowing that all is well in your world, and that all of your desires will manifest with ease. Trust is feeling the love and protection of Spirit guiding you in your day to day life. Trust is feeling the gratitude of all the blessings around you. Trust is living in perfect harmony with the Divine. Trust is knowing that you have all the information you need within yourself to make decisions and walk your Path of Beauty at all times.


There is no greater power to create a life of joy than to live in Trust.


There are many things in life that cause us to feel mistrustful. The outer world can conflict with our inner knowing. It may seem that your life is not easy and that your body is failing you. It may seem that those around you are telling you something different than what you know in your heart to be true. When you are feeling mistrustful, uncertain, conflicted choose to believe in yourself, even when all outer circumstances seem to prove that you cannot trust yourself. Outer circumstances are an illusion and do not tell the real story at all.


When your goals seem impossible to reach, when your life is a mess of problems and conflicts, see the big picture underlying this illusion and Trust. Trust that the circumstances you are living in are only a step on the Path of Beauty, and that all you do creates the fulfillment of your Divine purpose.


Trust that we are always with you, and feel the power of Trust.


I send you great blessings of Love and Joy!



White Eagle


4 Easy Steps to Become Psychic

There are five most common psychic abilities: seeing, knowing, hearing, feeling and mediumship. Of these five most people are born with at least three.


For example – the phone rings and you know who is there before you check the number. How do you know? Do you have a feeling, do you see their face, do you hear their voice or do you just know it?


Knowing how you get intuitive messages can help you grow in the abilities you naturally have and get the information you want when you want it.


First: I recommend you spend a few days paying attention to how often you are right about something, and what it feels like when you are right. When you know who is calling, when you know what the person next to you is feeling, when you have a dream that comes true, watch and see how your abilities communicate with you.


Second: After you’ve spent a few days watching how it works your next step is to act on it. Get the nudge to buy coconut at the store? –then buy it! Feel like you should leave early for work? –do it! Act on the inclinations you are getting. This builds a bridge of trust between you and your abilities, and your psychic sense grows even stronger.


Third: Take a few minutes to quiet your mind and ask a question. Then wait for the answer to come to you. Don’t try to think of an answer just wait for it to come. To verify the accuracy you need only remember how your intuition works and check to see if that feels like when you were right before.


Forth: Practice and play! This should be fun, so remember being wrong does not mean that you are not psychic, it only means you were wrong. No big deal in that. Enjoy the discovery process and trust that you are psychic!


Don’t know what psychic sense you have? Want to grow in your abilities even quicker and easier? Call me now to set up your Psychic Arts Evaluation. I’ll tell you how your psychic sense works and get you on the fast track to a psychic upgrade – quicker easier downloads from Spirit!!!


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A Laughing Matter

White Eagle’s Message for Today

Feel free to laugh at me, feel free to laugh at anything.  Laughter will set your heart free. Laughter is a greater release then expressing anger or any of the heavier emotions, but it can release those emotions too.


When we laugh at ourselves and our situations we release the frustrations of our day to day lives. We see clearly and open our hearts. Laughter creates a great connection to our relations. When you laugh with some one your heart connection is strong and clear.

To be hurt by the laughter of others is to be taking yourself too seriously. View your own absurdities, and see the humor of your actions. Delight in the mistakes you have made and release the tension you carry.

Humor helps us connect with our human-ness and laughter brings light-ness.

Spirit loves to play jokes and remind you that we are here to delight in our experiences. Ask your Guides and Angles to show you something to laugh at today, they will gratefully oblige.

Today is the day to laugh!


White Eagle


Your Heart’s Desire

White Eagle’s Message for Today

Following one’s heart’s desire is more than just selfish wants, it is of a higher vibration. Believe it or not. You may feel the desire for a new car, and it may give you satisfaction to obtain it, but there is a deeper desire in line with the path you have chosen.

As the flower wants the bee we are all programmed with these desires from the Earth Mother. It is part of her evolutionary path, and our sacred duty to fulfill the deepest desires of our hearts.

As we heal ourselves we come closer to listening to and understanding our hearts. As our pains and fears melt away we come closer to our Divine selves. Within our Divine self is the foundation for our sacred path. An imprint of what we came to do on this Earth. As we acknowledge and understand the desires of our Souls and follow the path of our heart’s desires the Earth not only heals but provides the means to obtain our desires. Why should the flower want the bee, only to have no bee to fulfill that desire?

It is said that all paths lead to God. This is true, no matter what you do you are fulfilling your purpose. Yet with healing and awareness you become a conscious co-creator of your Divine purpose. The awareness of self, of your life’s purpose, and your Divine path allows for the flow of Spirit to create a conscious connection to the All that Is. When we are unaware of our heart’s desires or carry fear and disallow that purpose to be seen, then we think our choices are mistakes, and we live in the misery of those choices.

I ask you to agree that you are on your sacred path, that your desires are there to be fulfilled, and that the Sacred Mother Earth provides the fulfillment of each and every desire you could have or ever will have. By Divine design the flower is the spectacular beauty that attracts the fulfillment of her desire; the bee is naturally drawn to her as she allows her radiance to unfold. You too, are the spectacular beauty that radiates the light that will attract the fulfillment of your every desire. You cannot help it, but through your pain, and fear, and woundedness you cannot see it.

 Only a simple shift of perspective is all that is needed. Let us agree now that your Divine light is an irresistible attraction to the fulfillment of all your dreams and just allow. Allow the fulfillment of all your dreams and desires to come to you spontaneously in gracious Divine order. Just as the bee miraculously floats to the flower, so too will every one of your heart’s desires be fulfilled. 


White Eagle